Review Moto G5 Plus: Is this smartphone best for 300 euros? Specs, Price

In the price class up to 200 euros, the Moto G5 is already among the best smartphones currently available. With the Moto G5 Plus, the Lenovo subsidiary Motorola is now also to attack the price segment up to 300 euros. Can this succeed?

The smartphone “Moto G” is something like the iPhone of the lower price segment. For a price of up to 200 euros, there is hardly a better smartphone. But as it is in 2017 for a real top model, the current variant Moto G5 also has a plus model in the luggage. The Moto G5 Plus is bigger and more powerful than its smaller brother but also costs 100 euros more. An extra charge is worth it? Let’s find out together.

Moto G5 Plus: Design and processing

Visually, there is no big difference between the two models. The Moto G5 Plus also features a metal housing, which is interrupted at the top and bottom by plastic elements. The plastic strips are not as broad as the Moto G5 and are generally less noticeable. This may also be related to the color variant of our test equipment, our G5 Plus is gray, the Moto G5 was only available in gold.
Review Moto G5 Plus: Is this smartphone best for 300 euros? Specs, Price

The processing quality does not give rise to criticism: the Moto G5 feels good in the hand. It could be a bit too easy for some users. Despite the plus in the name, the Moto G5 Plus is still handy. Although the screen has grown compared to the Moto G5 from five to 5.2 inches, an XXL mobile phone like the Moto G4 is the smartphone but not.

Moto G5 Plus: Equipment and operation

The equipment of the Moto G5 Plus is reminiscent of the mid-class Smartphone Moto Z Play from the manufacturer, which last year came to retail for just under 400 euros. The Oct5-core chip Snapdragon 625, which is manufactured using a 16-nanometer process, not only provides a decent performance but also works particularly power-saving.

In this price class, the processor stands out. Just two years ago you would have found such chips only in top smartphones like the Galaxy S6. Meanwhile, there are also cheaper devices with 16-nanometer processors, such as the Huawei Nova, but they currently cost another 20 to 50 euros more than the Moto G5 Plus.

Review Moto G5 Plus: Is this smartphone best for 300 euros? Specs, Price

Unfortunately, Lenovo has restricted the working memory in Germany. While the Moto G5 Plus is sold in some countries with four gigabytes of RAM, you have to settle here with three gigabytes. In everyday life, however, this is generally sufficient. For user data, the Moto G5 Plus offers 32 gigabytes, of which nearly 25 gigabytes are available for free. If that is not enough, a microSD card with up to 128 gigabytes of additional memory can be inserted and via Adoptable Storage the card into the device memory. Then the Moto G5 Plus surpasses the latest top smartphones.

What do you have to do without the Moto Z Play? The Moto G5 Plus does not offer the new USB C port. Instead, Lenovo relies on a conventional microUSB port. If you value on USB C, you need to grab the Galaxy A3 (2017). Likewise, the Moto G5 Plus does not offer the possibility to extend the capabilities of the smartphone via Moto Mod. The modular principle is reserved for the Moto Z series.

The full HD screen of the Moto G5 Plus, despite similar technical data compared to the screen of the Moto Z Play somewhat pale and conveys little ray power. This is because Lenovo does not install an AMOLED panel in the G5 Plus. Who does not have the direct comparison, however, should hardly have a display on the display.

Review Moto G5 Plus: Is this smartphone best for 300 euros? Specs, Price

As mentioned, the screen with a picture diagonal of 5.2 inches is slightly smaller than the Moto Z Play or Moto G4. But if you have hidden the virtual navigation buttons and place their function on the fingerprint scanner below the screen, the difference is only marginal.

The operating system is, by the way, Android 7.0 nougat, which you can find on the smartphone in its purest form. Also, an update to the upcoming Android O is sure Lenovo will provide all its moto smartphones at least with a major update.

Moto G5 Plus: Voice quality

On the subject of “voice quality”, we can only repeat what we have said about the Moto G5. In quiet environments like the smartphone with good to very good sound. In louder surroundings, voice quality decreases rapidly. Overall, the Moto G5 Plus in this point belongs to the better devices in its price class.

Review Moto G5 Plus: Is this smartphone best for 300 euros? Specs, Price

The Moto G5 can be operated with two SIM cards and additionally with a microSD card. You do not have to choose a slot between SIM and microSD card. However, you need to cut older SIM cards. The Moto G5 Plus accepts only nano-SIM cards.

Moto G5 Plus: Battery life

The Moto G5 Plus is similar to the Moto Z Play mid-range smartphone. Only after two days is it usually again necessary to hang the G5 Plus to the socket. Thanks to supporting for QuickCharge 3.0, it does not have to linger long. In almost 90 minutes the smartphone is recharged. Compared to the sister model, however, the battery can not be changed by the user himself.

Moto G5 Plus: Camera

The Moto G5 Plus stands out clearly in the case of the camera from the cheaper G5. While this offers a 13 megapixel camera with an f / 2.0 aperture, the Plus model comes with a twelve-megapixel camera, which has an f / 1.7 aperture f / 1.7. In addition, the camera offers the dual-pixel autofocus technology known from the Galaxy S7 and allows video recordings in 4K. With the Moto G5, only full HD videos are possible.

Review Moto G5 Plus: Is this smartphone best for 300 euros? Specs, Price

Compared to top models the Moto G5 Plus is missing only an optical image stabilizer. What is particularly noticeable in weak light, then a slight noise occurs quickly. At the level of a Galaxy S7, the camera of the Moto G5 Plus does not move despite similar technology. However, the image quality can be safely described as an upscale middle class. Above all sharpness and detail accuracy impress.

Moto G5 Plus: Price and availability

The Moto G5 Plus has been available in Europe since March 2017. The suggested retail price for the smartphone is 299 euros. Below you will find current offers for the Moto G5 Plus.

Moto G5 Plus: Conclusion

For a price of about 300 euros, you get with the Moto G5 Plus a smart and fast smartphone with long battery life and current Android. What you can not expect, however, are featured with which the Moto G5 Plus stands out from the crowd. Who is looking for a dual camera (Honor 6X), a USB-C connector (Galaxy A3 2017) or a modular concept (Moto Z Play) is wrong here.

Source: Androidcentral


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