Review Meizu Pro 7: New smartphone with curved display

For some time we have not known much about Meizu, and in recent days we have had the opportunity to know two mid-range smartphones as interesting as the Meizu U10 and U20, more than enough to please anyone who looks for a good smartphone in the range Of the 200 euros, and that suppose a pretty good renovation of the Meizu M3 Note.

Now we know that Meizu plans to renew its flagship in a record time and that the Meizu Pro 6 could be renewed sooner than many think. The successor would be, of course, the Meizu Pro 7, and it would mean that flagship we are all waiting for this 2016. Yes, we do not have to ring the bells still, since although it was expected that last September 13 arrived this terminal to the market, the date passed and we had no news of it. Now the latest rumors suggest that the Meizu Pro 7 could arrive with the name of Meizu Pro 6s, yes, with a hardware of authentic demolition that yes that would be a hard rival for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, with which it would share many of her specs.

Meizu Pro 7: Design and Display

Review Meizu Pro 7: New smartphone with curved display

A curved screen design that returns us to the land of the phablets.

It has been quite a few months since the first leaks about the next Meizu flagship and now we have some new images that seem to show us the final design of the device, which confirms that the screen would be curved and its lines would be tremendously similar to the Galaxy Note 7 (if Xiaomi does it with its Note 2, why not Meizu?), With a diagonal that in principle would rise to the 5.7 inches and that would, therefore, convert to this future Meizu Pro 7 / Meizu Pro 6s in another phablet of considerable dimensions that would seek to scratch a piece of cake left by the Koreans.

Review Meizu Pro 7: New smartphone with curved display

It should be noted that Meizu has not followed the custom of other manufacturers to market two flagships of different sizes in one sitting, as the Meizu Pro 5 integrated 5.7 inches while the Meizu Pro 6 was 5.2 inches, So it makes good sense that the next term of the company returns to the terrain of the great diagonals.

But the Meizu Pro 7 will not only be a curved display phone, but could abandon the manufacturer’s custom of offering a unibody chassis made of aluminum and add to the trend of the glass on both sides of the device, with a simpler design where the Lines dedicated to the antennas go even more towards the ends than in Pro 6.

Review Meizu Pro 7: New smartphone with curved display

In the photographic section, we would have a single camera, where a 10-LED flash would still be present, something that is one of the characteristic features of the Meizu Pro range and which we do not remember seeing in any other manufacturer. Of course, it seems that a second sensor would be present that could be a laser focus, although this detail has not yet been confirmed

The Meizu Pro 5 has the honor of being the only smartphone that includes the same SoC Exynos 7420 present in the Galaxy S6, something that together with a screen of lower resolution catapulted it to the top of the synthetic tests in the end of 2015. With This background, we all expected the Meizu Pro 6 to do the same with the Exynos 8890 present in the 7 series, although the fact that this terminal was announced earlier this year, raised our suspicions that Samsung allowed another smartphone to integrate that Same SoC when the Galaxy S7 carried so little on the market.

Meizu Pro 7: Hardware and Performance

As it turned out, our reluctance was met and we saw that the Meizu Pro 6 came to the market using a SoC Mediatek Helio X25, while the MX6 was “confirmed” to the Helio X20. Now months have passed and Samsung will debut a new processor in the next MWC 2017, so now it seems like a good time for Samsung to open the hand with its current processor star.

Regarding the other features, we would have a Super AMOLED panel that would finally raise its resolution to 1440 x 2560 pixels, while the RAM would still remain in the 4GB capacity. For its part, the storage would arrive in the form of 64GB, although there could also be a 32GB version of capacity that, if we consider that we do not have a slot for Micro-SD, we are very scarce.

Meizu Pro 7: Cameras

Review Meizu Pro 7: New smartphone with curved display

The Meizu Pro 7 photo section is quite unknown since we only know the resolution of the camera and its manufacturer, but if we consider that we are talking about 12 MP signed by Samsung, everything indicates that the processor would not be the only thing that I would share this phablet with the Galaxy S7.

Otherwise, we would have the usual connectivity of a device of this level, with support for WiFi b g, n and ac of double band, Bluetooth 4.2 of low consumption, GPS assisted and fingerprint reader. The chosen operating system would be Flyme OS 6.0 running on Android 6.01 Marshmallow.

Meizu Pro 7: Conclusions

Review Meizu Pro 7: New smartphone with curved display

Meizu meets the expected and brings us a terminal in the range of 300-500 euros with a Super AMOLED screen, the same processor as the Galaxy S7 (and the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 ) And a photographic section to match the circumstances; We believe that it is easy to guess that we are facing a more than possible sales success, even if it does not reach the same level of excellence at all levels as the Korean’s flagship.

Meizu Pro 7: Availability and Price

Review Meizu Pro 7: New smartphone with curved display

For now, we are missing some details, and among them is the price, but as we say, today it is quite easy to get the Meizu Pro 6 for less than 400 euros in Europe store and with 2 years warranty. It is expected that this trend will continue with the next Meizu flagship. We’ll be alert.

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