Review Marshall Monitor Bluetooth: Stylish over-ear headphones

The “Marshall Monitor Bluetooth” model is Marshall’s first cordless headphone and wants to go straight into the market: more than 30 hours of battery life, AptX technology and “listening pleasure in superior studio quality”. Whether this is true, the detailed test of the 250 euros expensive Bluetooth headset.

Marshall is probably the most music fans still connected with the legendary amplifiers of the company. There are now already various Bluetooth speakers like the Stockwell, smartphones like the London or even headphones like the Major II with curved Marshall lettering. All products have a nice retro look, which unfortunately not always holds on to what photos promise. Let us take a closer look at the 250-euro expensive monitor Bluetooth.

Marshall Monitor Bluetooth: Design and Build

Review Marshall Monitor Bluetooth: Stylish over-ear headphones

The review device Marshall Monitor Bluetooth weighs 263 grams on the scales – under the over-ear headphones the test model is not yet a heavyweight. The relatively high weight, however, also contributes to the good feeling when you hold the Marshall headphones for the first time in your hands. The overall construction is not only stable, it is also very solid. Both auricles are flexibly suspended from metal brackets.

Review Marshall Monitor Bluetooth: Stylish over-ear headphones

We did not try it with the test device, but we can easily imagine that the Monitor Bluetooth forgives you accidentally, without causing permanent damage.

Fine details we do not have to look for long. The letters “L” and “R” are perpetrated on small brass plates. And a conspicuous, gold-colored control knob on the left auricle is already waiting for our attention all the time. If only he had remained silent – because the entire attention of the Marshall engineers is probably only the controllers of the legendary amplifier series, but not the buttons on other products.

Review Marshall Monitor Bluetooth: Stylish over-ear headphones

Already at the Marshall London and the Marshall Stockwell, we noticed the stretchy loveless processing of the buttons and buttons. With the Marshall Monitor Bluetooth, it is now the control knob. In the theory, he will, among other things, enable the volume control and the title jump. This is due to an inaccurate storage of the 5-way joystick however rather badly than right.

Fit: On-Ear? Over-Ear? What in between?

Marshall itself designates the Marshall Monitor Bluetooth as an over-ear headphone. However, the inner padding does not surround our ears. The fit is, therefore, more between over-ear and on-ear headphones. Either way: we feel the pressure is pleasant. It was only during long-term wear over several hours that we observed slight pressure points and a sense of tightness.

Review Marshall Monitor Bluetooth: Stylish over-ear headphones

The stirrup can be adjusted in several steps so that it can be easily adapted to different head sizes. Overall, we are very satisfied with the fit. Practical: For easy transport, the headphones can be folded together to save space. A simple fabric bag is included.

In the end, we have a little rock’n’roll on the ears. “Ratrace” by Skindred sounds as it should sound: snotty cheeky. The imaginary stage could be a bit wider to our taste. Guitar reefs and snare drums, however, almost create a live atmosphere. Next track, which is quieter.

Review Marshall Monitor Bluetooth: Stylish over-ear headphones

Even before it starts with the wonderful acoustic version of “Stonemilker”, noise is heard in our ears, which after each change of the song briefly flicker and to accompany us over the entire test period. If the music plays, you will not get anything from it. It annoys us nevertheless.

Here, the test device is best suited to its nickname “Monitor”. The Marshall headphones play the track quite neutrally. This is reminiscent of the cable-bound P7 from Bowers & Wilkins. Unfortunately, the emotions remain on the track from time to time.

Review Marshall Monitor Bluetooth: Stylish over-ear headphones

Keyword neutral vote: With the picture book, “bungalow” is suddenly not much left. Almost already too bulky, Marshall’s ears are beginning to sound. Whoever likes it, rejoice. It is applied to a number too thick.

We’ve noticed Marshall Monitor Bluetooth:

Review Marshall Monitor Bluetooth: Stylish over-ear headphones

  • The headphone is very well shielded. The next few get hardly any of the inserted music, even if this is played very loud.
  • If the battery time (manufacturer’s date: 30 hours) tends to end, do not worry: via a supplied spiral cable, you simply connect the Marshall headphones to the smartphone or another input device.
  • The socket for connecting the cable remains free in Bluetooth mode for additional monitors, which can be “wired” cable-connected here.

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