Review Magicsee P3 360-degree Camera Test

A few weeks ago we got a new Magicsee P3 360-degree camera, so it was time to thoroughly test it. Let’s see what you need to know about this interesting review!

Packaging and accessories: Magicsee P3

The Magicsee P3 camera comes in a simple cardboard box, but it is only the outer packaging because it is in a leather pouch, which fits the device with its accessories.

Review Magicsee P3 360-degree Camera Test

Otherwise, it’s a real action camera and comes with a lot of things accordingly. There are a variety of screws, mounting adhesives, breaking cloth, charger, user guide and a water-resistant to 30 meters Case in the box.

Design: Magicsee P3

The Magicsee P3 is about the same as any action camera, we find only two wide-angle lenses such that each performs 220 degrees.

The specific design quality, good use of materials and assembly, in addition to the design can not complain because both sides of the device are covered with an interesting pattern and the touch interface.

Fenton was the 0.96″ LCD display, a 128 x 64-pixel resolution, and it is perfectly enough for you too, that is, the menu and basic information will appear on it.

Review Magicsee P3 360-degree Camera Test

One side we find the keys, it has a total of four. These can be switched on and off the device, start or stop recording, turn on the Wifi or scroll through the menu. The P3 otherwise most phone or PC should be controlled, so as you can see the camera image in real time, but of course can be used by itself.

The other side can find the microUSB port and microSD slot behind a closure cap, and here is also the battery cover. Unlike many of the 360-degree camera, Magicsee P3 has a removable and rechargeable battery, which is a big advantage.

Review Magicsee P3 360-degree Camera Test

In addition, the device also has a microphone, a LED, a hole into which the hinge belefőzhető or below a standard socket, which can fast application of the camera onto almost any standard tripod.

Use features: Magicsee P3

The Magicsee P3 supports a variety of platforms, it has added the application for Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS as well. Whichever you use, we can easily connect your camera, you can turn on the Wifi on it and then hooked into the respective device to the camera’s hotspot (the name and password of the network camera are displayed on the screen).

Android: Magicsee P3

Review Magicsee P3 360-degree Camera Test

First, I would like to briefly introduce Android apps, I have used most of the time with the Magicsee P3. Basically, tab 3 is obtained, which can switch between the bottom: there Recording, Gallery and Options menu.

Recording: Magicsee P3

We can make a video, still images and time-lapse video of the camera, and these are a total of 8’s view, that is the raw 360 material we can do a whole lot of things: it is a normal panorama, sphere, cylinder, VR and standard (rotated) 360 degree view of, among other things.

Review Magicsee P3 360-degree Camera Test

Above you can see the live view, which we can rotate the image with your finger, but we can turn the gyroscope if you want to change your point of view by rotating the phone.

The gallery has two parts, an “Offline”, which are saved to your phone content, or a “Magicsee360”, which achieved record stored in the camera. The pictures and videos on our mobile at any time be altered by clicking the “download” icon, and fortunately, it is relatively fast data transfer via WiFi.

When you open an image or video, you can then switch between the same kind of look at between 8 and can also be exported in any one of the specific content.

Settings: Magicsee P3

In the settings, there are quite a few options, you can set the resolution, tone, white balance, exposure, color temperature and a few other things.

Review Magicsee P3 360-degree Camera Test

Here I found a small software error, the video resolution is set higher in vain, it is stored only in the short term, the app will return to 760p after the restart. Of course, still works in the recording at a higher resolution, it can only be set for each start. We hope this will soon be improved by the manufacturer.

Share to Facebook and YouTube

One of the most important of such devices that are compiled to be able to share a variety of social media platforms without any problems. A standard picture or video, it’s not a problem, but the 360 substances have been a little more difficult. Fortunately, the easier our job Magicsee through the app on can also directly upload 360-degree videos on YouTube or photos or videos on Facebook. In addition, there is also a variety of other sharing options as well, but the rest have not really known platform supports 360-degree content.

The process is very simple. Open the image gallery or video you want, set the view “VR” link (this is the extreme), and then click the “share” icon. Then you can share the Community or the export, the latter means that you will be converted from your phone to your PC or the 360-degree content.

Resolution, quality, test images and videos

Videos with a maximum resolution of 3040 × 1520 pixels Magicsee P3, photos and 6080 x 3040 pixels (~ 18 megapixels). BUT! A 360-degree recording only one small part of the whole picture, we see roughly 10-15% of a time, that image will never be as sharp as a similar resolution at a normal photo or video. This technology characteristics, and count every 360-degree camera for the phenomenon. Not to mention that Facebook and YouTube can also impair the quality, the computer is always looking back sharper the image.

Review Magicsee P3 360-degree Camera Test

What is worth noting also that since the ultimate 360-degree picture of the two of footage to put together the camera so that the junction will be somewhat visible in the joints. For this reason, it should be given the means to be more important detail against a lens, and do not point page. This might also be true for every 360-degree camera, not just for this.

The P3 Magicsee I think one of the best image quality in its price range, or around any unit under £ 100,000 rivals. The dynamic range of, say, could be a bit better, but if you want serious qualitative leap, you need to reach deep into our pockets, because the better 360-degree cameras are already hundreds of thousands or millions of forints. Nokia OZO kameráért such as asking for 40,000 dollars, ie HUF 11 million.

And now we come to the point, let’s see what we can create recordings of Magicsee P3!

Running Time: Magicsee P3

Review Magicsee P3 360-degree Camera Test

The Magicsee P3 comes with a 1500 mAh removable battery, which provides a pretty good life. A charge is roughly one and a half hours of continuous use of the device. Pótaksival it is obviously replicated.

Conclusions: Magicsee P3

The Magicsee P3 camera stands out in many respects similar products from other manufacturers, as:

  • suitable for almost any device is not limited by what the support,
  • compared to the price it is a quality product,
  • to give a water depth of 30 meters sheath
  • with virtually any tripod,
  • and the removable battery.

Of course, the quality of the 360-degree shots could be better, but if you want more detailed images and videos, then this price we have to pay a multiple of.


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