Review MACAW T1000: Bluetooth Headset Specially Focused on Sport

The MACAW T1000 is a low-cost Bluetooth headset that has a series of ideal features to give your ears an excellent listening and musical experience. These headphones being inexpensive, cannot be compared to others of the higher price, however, I want you to know their functions and features since they are a good choice if what you are looking for are a headset friendly with your pocket and good relationship Price/quality.

Other headphones that could interest you are the Hexxa Poseidón, as they have a sporty design and incredible features, such as waterproof IPX7 certification.

MACAW T1000: Specifications

Minimum reproducible frequency20 Hz
Maximum reproducible frequency20000 Hz
Rated resistance28 Ohm
Sensitivity110 dB/mW
Weight15 g
Cable length and range10 m

MACAW T1000: Design and quality of construction

The MACAW T1000 Bluetooth headset has a high-quality design, the materials used are not deficient like those present in others with similar price, this is an important aspect to take into account if we think of buying a headset that will last a long time. They are made with a sturdy plastic that is accompanied by interchangeable pads (they are three different measures) that are included in the box. It is nice to know that the cord that connects the headphones is not made of plastic, it is made of woven nylon (military style) that gives it more resistance, makes them more difficult to lose and is not at all uncomfortable.

Review MACAW T1000: Bluetooth Headset Specially Focused on Sport

The microphone and controls are located on the cable. In general, Macaw T1000 is attractive design and have components ideal for daily use in sports activities.

MACAW T1000: Functions and Features

The Macaw T1000 have a series of functions that make some headphones pretty great, to begin with when you turn them on you will hear a voice that tells you that it will notify the state of operation as well as the status of the battery. But not only does this feature make the Macaw T1000 headphones to keep in mind, also the sound quality is remarkable.

Review MACAW T1000: Bluetooth Headset Specially Focused on Sport

These headphones have a pleasant sound for all types of music; the mid and high frequencies achieve a quite natural sound reproduction, which is able to achieve an enveloping feeling. Perhaps in the part where the sound tends to be a little deficient is in the bass, since it can be distorted a little with songs that require great power in that section. Despite this, the Macaw T1000 are Bluetooth headsets that perform an excellent function, according to the price range in which they are.

The Macaw T1000 headphones are compatible with all types of devices that allow synchronization by Bluetooth, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Moreover, the battery has a duration of 5 hours in operation, and the range of Bluetooth is up to 10 meters.

MACAW T1000: Availability and price

Review MACAW T1000: Bluetooth Headset Specially Focused on Sport

If you are interested in buying the Macaw T1000 you can do it through Amazon, another option is to buy them at, but as the last option are available on the page of Bangood.

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