Review Lupuss G1: Cheapest and Practical Headset

Usually, PC players give more importance to the graphics section of video games on other aspects. After all, for most, there is nothing like that feeling that affords to play with a curved monitor and 4K resolution that provides a total immersion. But on the other hand, there is another aspect that favors the immersion and that despite being opaqued in many cases by the visual, it has not stopped being important for many Gamers: the sound. Today we want to show you the Lupuss G1 headphones in our review, which offers fair features to meet the needs when playing and have a price of laughter.

Other headphones that we have reviewed before, and also have an excellent price/quality ratio are the JBL Everest Elite 700, these premium quality headphones offer a design according to a rather high price and a range of features tailored to the More demanding gamers, also have Bluetooth connectivity.

Lupus G1: Technical specifications of headset

Headphones typeMonitor
One-Way HeadsetYes
Sensitivity105.0 (dB)
Type of connectionWired
Minimum reproducible frequency20.0 (Hz)
Maximum reproducible frequency20000.0 (Hz)
Connector typeMini jack 3.5 mm
Connector shapeStraight
Function of the playerNo
Length of cable2.2 (m)
The weight80g
Frequency range20-20000 (Hz)
Resistance32 Ohm
Sensitivity105 dB
Length of cable2.2m
Diameter of speaker40mm
MicrophoneSensitivity: 62dB + - 3dB, Resistance: 2.2Com.

Lupus G1: Design and Features

Review Lupuss G1: Cheapest and Practical Headset

We are not going to fool ourselves, being input headphones with a value less than 10 euros, the Lupuss G1 do not possess a lot of features that the top of the range does have, despite it have an appearance and a technical section That it fulfills of fair form with the necessary thing and that surely it will not leave uniform to anybody. Its two-color design has a very attractive appearance, both the microphone and the helmets are made of ABS plastic, so they can last us a long time if we take good care of them. The quilted parts are made of a leather-like fabric that, besides looking good, feels great.

Review Lupuss G1: Cheapest and Practical Headset

For its part, the sound quality is not negligible, with 40mm neodymium speakers offers a range of vivid and clear sounds, which will give a great experience when playing. The headphones are equipped with a wheel volume controller, and the sound reaches 105 ± 3 dB. In addition, the folding microphone has noise cancellation, is easy to adjust to the most comfortable position we want and the voice capture is clear to communicate without problems.

Review Lupuss G1: Cheapest and Practical Headset

Finally, although the connectivity is limited the cable has a longitus of two meters and connects with a 3.5mm connector.

Lupus G1: Price and Availability

Review Lupuss G1: Cheapest and Practical Headset

While gaming headphones have become an essential component to enhancing the quality of the gaming experience, with many high-end models that take us to a sound dimension of another level by using technologies such as 7.1 Dolby Surround sound Certain is that these devices are usually inaccessible for many players, that is why have cheaper alternatives but with an acceptable quality as the Lupuss G1 is always well received.

Review Lupuss G1: Cheapest and Practical Headset

The Lupuss G1 headphones are priced less than 10 euros, you can buy them through Gearbest, although it is also available on In addition, you have another option, is to obtain them on the Igogo website.


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