Review IWatRoad R5: are you looking for electric scooter?

Electric vehicles are fashionable and it is advisable to analyze the different types of alternatives that can be achieved before deciding on one or the other. For example, the iWatboard manufacturer has an extensive catalog of more modern equipment and others with a traditional design, such as the new iWatRoad R5 in our review test.

IWatRoad R5 is a mid-range electric scooter that is very easy to explain just by visualizing a photograph of you and is that its manufacture is based on classic skateboards but with the inclusion of a motor that allows you to comfortably transport users to Over short distances. Among its main characteristics can not be neglected its extremely competitive price.

iWatRoad R5: Specifications

Dimensions843 x 425 x 260 mm
Weight9.6 Kilograms
ColorsBlack White
Motor250 W
Speed22 km / h
AscentAngle of inclination of 15º
AutonomyAbout 20 km
LightsBattery Indicators
Weight allowedMaximum weight up to 120 kg
Water and dust protectionIP54 Certification
Box contentsElectric Scooter, Power Charger, Instruction Manual

iWatRoad R5: Design for the user

Review IWatRoad R5: are you looking for electric scooter?

When buying one of these vehicles there may be different needs and target audiences, as adults can quietly desire a secondary model to be transported, as well as the younger ones, have something to have fun with. Thus, its managers have thought of the inclusion of a handlebar that can customize its extension.

In this way, the front spindle of the electric scooter can vary between 72 cm and 95 cm, while at the time of storing or want to transport it is able to fold completely horizontal to be as a small equipment. There is no shortage of two small wheels behind the front tire that serve precisely to move it in these situations.

Review IWatRoad R5: are you looking for electric scooter?

Finally, it is necessary to mention that iWatRoad R5 is commercialized in color black and white, although its design is dyed mainly of the second hue. Regarding official dimensions, these correspond to 843 x 425 x 260 mm, while their weight achieves very good figures of 9.6 kilograms.

iWatRoad R5: Extra Capabilities

Among the specifications of a model such as iWatRoad R5 can not fail to mention typical elements such as the choice of a 250W engine that allows it to reach speeds of 22 km / h average. However, to differentiate itself from other models with similar features as the iWatboard i10 adds other improvements to its management experience.

Review IWatRoad R5: are you looking for electric scooter?

For example, to prevent accidents, the inclusion of a pneumatic rear wheel has been added an exclusive damping system called “CROSS-RAIL” that makes it compatible with most surfaces, even with a better non-slip support and a system of Double braking that allow you to stop completely at a shorter distance.

Finally, the electric scooter does not forget an IP54 certification that favors its use in complicated meteorological conditions like rain, and even, not to suffer problems in its performance if one crosses the street with puddles of water or great doses of dirt.

iWatRoad R5: Battery and connectivity

Review IWatRoad R5: are you looking for electric scooter?

Without forgetting that the iWatRoad R5 is able to support people with a maximum weight of up to 120 kilograms, the autonomy is another positive point of the vehicle when reaching an autonomy of up to 20 kilometers. It is also worth mentioning that its front handlebar has a system of LED lights that notify at all times how much capacity is left with your 4400mAh LG battery or if it has already been fully recharged.

As for connectivity, the team does not forget to add compatibility with an official iWatRoad mobile application, which allows the user to measure distance and speed in real time, recalibrate the equipment, select the usage modes, choose the color of The front LED light and several more functions.

Availability and price of iWatRoad R5: Reviews

To buy the iWatRoad R5 is possible to get it in different online stores where the manufacturer is present. For example, Pccomponentes currently offers the best price with availability both in its predominant black color and also in white.

Review IWatRoad R5: are you looking for electric scooter?

On the other hand, Amazon also counts on units in stock, guaranteeing also a total of two years of guarantee with cover to malfunctions or defects of the factory, although it does not include physical damages like blows, dents, scratches, and caused breaks.

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