Review IDeaUSA AtomiX V202 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone for €32.99

With the iDeaUSA V201 Bluetooth over-ear headphones we have already presented to you the “big brother” of the IDeaUSA AtomiX V202. This smaller on-ear headphone can also be operated both with a cable clip and with Bluetooth and is not made of plastic but aluminum. Whether it is only with high-quality materials, or even sound, what you get, you can find here!

IDeaUSA AtomiX V202: Technical specifications

Frequency range20HZ-20KHz
Impedance32 ohms
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0, jack cable
Battery capacity18 hours playing time (according to the manufacturer)
Mass143 grams
Dimensions158 x 180.5 x 66.5 mm

IDeaUSA OnEar Headphones Accessories

The iDeaUSA AtomiX V201 comes with a transport bag, a cable clip, a micro-USB charging cable and an instruction manual in English and Chinese.

Review IDeaUSA AtomiX V202 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone for €32.99

Unfortunately, the transport bag here is merely artificial leather and not of hard plastic, as with the iDeaUSA V202 – this protects the headphones significantly worse.

Processing & Design

Review IDeaUSA AtomiX V202 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone for €32.99

The headphones consist mostly of aluminum, only the bracket could be made of a different material, but since this is completely covered with artificial leather, the material that conceals it can not be determined exactly. However, since this is very flexible, a metal brace can also be used.

The handset is also covered with artificial leather, there is no big recess for the driver, but the leather is pulled completely over the handset. However, there is still a foam ring underneath, in the middle the leather can be pushed further.

Review IDeaUSA AtomiX V202 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone for €32.99

In order for the sound to penetrate the leather clearly, generous cut-outs were punched into the leather

Overall, I like the design of the headphones well, they are very simple and unobtrusive, so they do not look clunky like other models from this range.

In view of the price of the on-ear headphones, the sound is surprisingly good. The sound is coherent, a real deficit is not noticeable and they beat the JKR 208B On-Ear Bluetooth headset, which we have presented to you some time ago.

Surprisingly, however, has the quite powerful bass of the headphones. By allowing the listeners to turn around the vertical axis, they fit perfectly to the ear, creating a solid pressure space at the ear. The bass is similar to that of the UMi Voix, which unfortunately are hardly available yet. However, I like the iDeaUSA AtomiX V202 in the area of the high and middle tone even better.

Review IDeaUSA AtomiX V202 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone for €32.99

In contrast to the iDeaUSA AtomiX V201, these on-ear headphones come without noise canceling, but the shield is nevertheless solid due to the good fit. Overall, with the iDeaUSA, AtomiX V202 pleasant music can be heard and there is little to complain about.

Of course, you also have to see the sound quality in consideration of the price and they can certainly not as much as comparable headphones from the house Sennheiser or Bose. However, here is the price/performance ratio and in my opinion, they belong to the best on-ear headphones from China, which we had so far in the test.

Operation of the headphone

The headphones are controlled by the right-hand headphones, with a total of three control buttons, plus a micro-USB port, a jack connector, and a microphone.

The microphone of the iDeaUSA sits directly on the listener, however, the voice quality is very good. During our tests, the opposite did not notice in part that I hold my smartphone, not in the hand.

Conclusion: IDeaUSA AtomiX V202

The iDeaUSA AtomiX V202 is a very solid on-ear headphone with a good price-performance ratio. Even in terms of processing, no weak spots could be identified.

Review IDeaUSA AtomiX V202 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone for €32.99

The sound of the headphones is surprisingly good. They sound very balanced, there is no frequency range that stands out particularly. Compared to other headphones we have already tested, the iDeaUSA AtomiX V202 comes across as a solid bass sound, which I missed on other on-ear headphones, such as the JKR 208B. This is also due to the fact that the headphones can be adjusted especially well to the head and the ear by their vertically rotating headsets.


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