Review Huawei Watch 2 Test: Successor with sporting ambitions (Specs, Features, Price)

The Huawei Watch 2 represents the legacy of an elegant-looking predecessor in the style of a classic wristwatch. This is changing now. The new edition appeals visually as well as with regard to the equipment above all sportive contemporaries. The Huawei Watch 2 is a comprehensive review of how well the generation change has been successful.

Specifications: Huawei Watch 2

Display:AMOLED - 1.2 inches (390 x 390 pixels)
Processor:Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100
Memory:768 MB of RAM
Internal memory:4 GB (not expandable)
Battery:420 milliameters
Operating System:Android Wear 2.0
Navigation:GPS + Glonass
Radio standards:Bluetooth 4.1, WLAN 802.11b / g / n, NFC
Protection class:IP68
Dimensions:48.9 x 45 x 12.6 mm
Weight:40 grams

Design and processing: Huawei Watch 2

Why Huawei provides his second Smartwatch with the corresponding numbering does not necessarily reveal itself. When the first edition of the Huawei Watch, the Chinese first and foremost set their sights on a classically elegant look and noble materials. The 2017 model looks quite different. The nickname “Sport” or “Fitness” would have stood her better face. Instead of a leather bracelet and a simple metal case, we hold a test device with plastic, which is reminiscent of a chronograph style with its wide and inscribed edge. Nevertheless, the Smartwatch does not look cheap, on the contrary. The Huawei Watch 2 is excellently processed. There are two buttons on the right housing edge as controls.

Review Huawei Watch 2 Test: Successor with sporting ambitions (Specs, Features, Price)

At this point, it is anticipated that there is also a somewhat more classic design with leather strap and stainless steel housing – appropriately, it hears the nickname “Classic”. Back to the test specimen: Pleasantly light is it – the comfort of wear is also very positive because it is barely perceived. Nevertheless, the wearing of plastic bracelets is far from everyone’s business, especially over long periods in everyday situations. The body of the test device with plastic bracelet reminds a little of the Casio G-Shock. Speaking of housing: On the metal substructure is a heart rate monitor as well as the charging interface. We shall speak later of the corresponding counterpart.

Equipment and performance: Huawei Watch 2

Review Huawei Watch 2 Test: Successor with sporting ambitions (Specs, Features, Price)

A GPS module under the hood, as well as a certification for protection class IP68, underlines that Huawei has selected the Watch 2 as the main target group of friends. Style-conscious people can continue to look back on the edition from 2015 or try to adapt themselves with the slightly modified leather bands variant. The 1.2-inch AMOLED display resolves with 390 x 390 pixels (326 pixels per inch) in an appealing high. The maximum brightness level, on the other hand, left a little less enthusiasm in the open air – with direct exposure to the sun, reading the display is a challenge.

Review Huawei Watch 2 Test: Successor with sporting ambitions (Specs, Features, Price)

For most situations, the brightness should be sufficient. An ambient light sensor automatically regulates the beam power of the panel. The battery has a capacity of 420 millimeters. In the test, that was enough for a decent endurance. In normal use, we reached about 48 hours of use. Anyone who uses the watch as part of sporting activities should plan about one day. With a power saving mode, in which only time is displayed and steps counted, by the way even up to one month of operation without the visit at the supplied charging station be possible.

Review Huawei Watch 2 Test: Successor with sporting ambitions (Specs, Features, Price)

Speaking of Ladestation: Fully charged the Huawei Watch 2 at this in about two hours. The design of the Ladestation ensured collective head shaking in the editorial department. A plastic element which is magnetically docked below the clock. So far, so common. But the anatomy of the watch with the bracelets bent backward, which you can exchange without tools and with a bit of skill and patience makes it impossible to place the watch on the lower side of the case without a corresponding support (see illustration on the right). She does not find a proper hold on the side but sits on the table like a caretaker on the same. A suitable accessory is missing. In addition, the charging cable is far too rigid and kinks its own contribution to this unworthy picture. You should roll the cable in the ideal case for the transport. One for the price of the watch an already unhappy and unloved chosen concept.

Unlike many other Android Wear smartwatches, Huawei donates the Huawei Watch 2 a memory of 768 instead of 512 megabytes. The watch is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor at a 1.1 gigahertz clock rate. During the test period, the hardware ensured a very smooth working speed. Ruckler or disturbing waiting times are not noticeable to us. A little annoying and lengthy, however, the first set-up ended. So the clock had problems with the WLAN connection every now and then, the installation of the available updates, as well as subsequent initialization process, took quite a while.

Battery: Huawei Watch 2

Huawei offers potential buyers the option to order a variant with a Nano SIM card slot that is behind the 20-millimeter standard bracelet. Here, for example, a multi-SIM card of your mobile service provider is available. The Huawei Watch 2 comes with full equipment without a smartphone. It receives messages, accepts telephone conversations and synchronizes tracked fitness data with connected apps. Even the streaming of music via Spotify and Co. is no longer a problem. At the edge of the housing, as mentioned, the two knobs, also called crowns. One activates the options menu when activated, the second one can be assigned by the user with a preferred function. By default, you open the pre-installed fitness app.

Review Huawei Watch 2 Test: Successor with sporting ambitions (Specs, Features, Price)

In combination with the hardware from the GPS module and the heart rate monitor, this data tracks training data and fitness values in a comprehensive manner. Your heartbeat is measured continuously, insight into the last six hours of corresponding values is always given on request. GPS data is automatically recorded according to activity. The watch draws attention to inactive phases and animated to the movement. To the extensive functions of the app, you are led step by step. This allows you to create training plans or to select the upcoming mode for the desired activity. The clock supports you actively in the training design, it gives, for example, tips for the intensity of the run. Training data are solved complexly, on a map you can see the distance traveled in real time.

Review Huawei Watch 2 Test: Successor with sporting ambitions (Specs, Features, Price)

Android Wear 2.0 is used as the operating system. The recently updated version brings, among other things, the Play Store to the Smartwatches. It is to be criticized in this respect that in the new version horizontally executed wipes on the dial always activates the selection menu for the watch faces. Let’s hope that here Google or Huawei with an update allow adjustments and thus provide for a little more user comfort. WhatsApp messages can also be answered by means of an integrated keyboard. In the test, this worked quite neatly, as a smartphone replacement for longer texts, but the whole is not really. Also on board is the Google Assistant.

Price and availability: Huawei Watch 2

Review Huawei Watch 2 Test: Successor with sporting ambitions (Specs, Features, Price)

The Huawei Watch 2 is available in two housing versions. The sporty variants without the classic surname are offered in three colors: Dynamic Orange and Carbon Black (with LTE) for 379 Euro, Concrete Gray and Carbon Black (without LTE) for 329 Euro. The Huawei Watch 2 Classic with black leather strap is available in the color Titanium Gray. It is available without LTE module and costs 399 Euro.

Conclusion: Huawei Watch 2

Review Huawei Watch 2 Test: Successor with sporting ambitions (Specs, Features, Price)

With the Huawei Watch 2, the manufacturer carries out a change of course compared to the first issue and is oriented primarily on a sport-minded target group. If you like something simpler and nobler, go to the classic version. The Smartwatch looks good, is faultlessly processed, light, comfortable to wear and delivers good to very good performance. Disturbing will be the one or the other at the supplied charging station including cable, which does not meet the not very cheap gadget in any respect.

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