Review Honor 8 Pro: High range with all letters Cell Phone

A few days ago we received the Honor 8 Pro in the newsroom. We left with the first impressions, which left us with a good taste. Now, after a few days, you have to see the analysis of honor 8 Pro, one of the most interesting devices of the high-end 2017. It has everything you need to succeed.

A few months ago, we analyzed Honor 8, a mid-range device that came from the Huawei subsidiary. Today, it remains one of the most important devices in that range, but the company has decided to go a step further, launching its bet for the high-end 2017. Things are very complicated, but Honor has been able to do the Things to offer something that was needed this year: normality.

A normal design, without curved screens, or strange things

Although technology lovers are eager to see new things in the market, there are millions of users around the world who prefer standard devices, with flat screens, lifelike frames, and less eye-catching designs. The Honor 8 Pro is different from all other high-end devices that have been introduced. It has a standard design, without leaving the general rule. This allows the company to save design costs and materials, while still offering high quality.

Review Honor 8 Pro: High range with all letters Cell Phone

The body of this Honor 8 Pro is made of metal, something that we miss in devices like the Galaxy S8, LG G6 or Xiaomi Mi6. It is very pleasant to hand, and although it is a large terminal, it stands out its thickness of only 7 millimeters. The navigation buttons are included on the screen, so the bottom frame is not overused. It is one of the few things that we can throw at Honor 8 Pro: its optimization of space. At the rear, we can see the double chamber and the fingerprint sensor. Yes, it is a device very similar to Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Moreover, on several occasions, they have confused this device with Honor 8 Pro.

Review Honor 8 Pro: High range with all letters Cell Phone

It is a design that we like for its simplicity. We do not see strange things, nor curved screens, just a big panel, packed in a very nice metal body. We may settle for little, but it is one of the devices that we like most of the high range.

A good screen, where the size and not so much brightness

After spending a few days using the Honor 8 Pro, we can say that it is a great device, which is great thanks to its 5.7-inch screen. Honor has not wanted to fall short, and this device has a 5.7-inch panel with the resolution of 1440 × 2560 pixels. Once again we see normality in everything, since there are no curves anywhere, no strange designs. The screen behaves very well, and right now the Honor 8 Pro is the best option if you want a large flat screen.

Review Honor 8 Pro: High range with all letters Cell Phone

Its colors have liked us a lot, and despite being an IPS panel, leaves us with touches of the AMOLED on occasion. One thing we have lacked is having a higher brightness. Indoors we have no problem, but when we are under the sun from the outside, the maximum brightness is somewhat low, having to look for a shade to correctly see an image or follow a conversation. Still, it is a big bet for users reluctant to buy a curved screen.

A perfect performance in the review of Honor 8 Pro

We do not tire of saying it, and in the analysis of Honor 8 Pro, it was not going to be less. The performance of devices is becoming less important in the high range. This Honor 8 Pro has the same processor as the Huawei P10, the Kirin 960. Along with the 6 GB of RAM that packs the device, we can say that it is an almost perfect experience. We do not see performance failures, nor lag of any kind. We have been able to play every game on Google Play, even the most demanding.

Review Honor 8 Pro: High range with all letters Cell Phone

There is nothing that costs too much to this Honor 8 Pro and is that its interface is the most fluid that we have tried in a long time. The multi-tasking is also the fastest, so if you’re a fluent user, this Honor 8 Pro is perfect for you.

A very good camera that adds dual sensor functions

One of the most important points of this Honor 8 Pro, is the double chamber. Like the Huawei P10, it also includes two sensors placed horizontally. One of the bad news is that the whole Honor is not signed by Leica, although we do see the same technology when using the double lens. One of the sensors is RGB while the other fires in monochrome.

Review Honor 8 Pro: High range with all letters Cell Phone

This allows us to take pictures with a very good contrast, which are reflected in the photographs that we left in the gallery. You can also see the full-size images in this Google Drive, where we uploaded them without touching up and with the original quality. This is a good camera, with a quality worthy of the high-end, but without reaching the highest. The options of the application are many, having modes for many situations. In addition, we have a portrait mode similar to Apple, although with a somewhat lower quality. In the automatic mode, we can get great shots, although if we play the manual mode in a correct way, the quality goes up.

When the light conditions worsen, the quality drops, although not as much as in other high-end devices we have analyzed. Undoubtedly, we are facing a good camera, without the quality of sensors like the Galaxy S8 or the Google Pixel.

The front camera is quite correct, getting quite quality shots in good light conditions. We have modes of beauty, and the shot is really fast.

Good autonomy and software that we liked

Another of the most important points of the high range in Android is the battery. In the analysis of Honor 8 Pro, we have been able to spend several days making intensive use of the device, and we can say that it is quite correct for most users. We have achieved a day of autonomy without problems, making intensive use of the camera, playing and taking in the brightness in the middle of the bar. If we increase the brightness to the maximum throughout the day, the battery will drain much faster, although if we make less intensive use of the terminal, the equation leaves us with good autonomy.

Review Honor 8 Pro: High range with all letters Cell Phone

One of the things that greatly help the autonomy, is EMUI 5.0. In Pro Android, we are not very fans of the layers of customization, but EMUI has improved a lot with Android 7.0 Nougat. Without a doubt, we can say that it is a good layer, which does not lack almost anything, and that moves perfectly in Honor 8 Pro. In the whole analysis of Honor 8 Pro, we have had no problem with any of the options, Arriving to take affection to the layer.

Good fingerprint sensor and moderate audio

If you were wondering about the fingerprint sensor, tell yourself that it is very good. With just a touch we can unlock the device, in addition to being able to use it with slightly wet hands. In addition, we have gestures in this sensor, which gives much more functionality. The position of the sensor is perfect for a medium-sized hand, as the index finger falls perfectly into the sensor gap. If you have a very small hand, you may experience some problem, but not only with the fingerprint sensor, but with the size of the device in general.

In this analysis of Honor 8 Pro, we have been able to test the audio of the terminal several times. Although not the best, we can not say that it sounds bad. The quality is good, although it may lack some volume. At the maximum, we did not notice any distortion, so we put it as a good audio, without highlighting anything.

Final conclusions from the review of Honor 8 Pro

Review Honor 8 Pro: High range with all letters Cell Phone

In general, we are facing one of the best devices of the year. We have a good screen, which is not curved. Its design is perfect for lovers of metal and large appliances. It has one of the most fluid interfaces on the market, and its camera leaves us with really interesting modes, in addition to a very good quality. But without a doubt, the best thing about this Honor 8 Pro is the price. We can find it in most stores for 549 euros. This is 200 euros cheaper than the LG G6, and 250 euros cheaper than the Galaxy S8.

We are in front of a device to be taken into account, since its price is one of the lowest of the high range, being able to face that of the OnePlus 5 when it is presented.

Source: Androidcentral


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