Review HOMTOM HT50: Great Battery at Price

As the months go by, it is increasingly difficult to draw a line between the characteristics that correspond or not to a range of mobiles, as well as the price to be expected from them. On this last occasion, it is already viable to get a phone that stays below 100 euros and offers a performance and battery life impeccable: HOMTOM HT50.


HOMTOM HT50 is a mid-range smartphone that stands out for several specifications, although all this is potentiated when analyzing the price that is demanded by him. Through a battery that promises to comfortably beat the day and a performance that mixes 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and a front camera just as good as a main, it’s hard not to put it on the front page of the market.

HOMTOM HT50: Design

As you cannot logically expect everything to be impeccable in this terminal, what have been left behind in the HOMTOM HT50 are its design lines. And is that while other models of the brand like the Homtom HT37 Pro approached modern metal standards, this phone seems to stay in something much simpler.

Review HOMTOM HT50: Great Battery at Price

Likewise, the overall dimensions of the mobile (15.65 x 7.85 x 0.89 cm) and the total weight (195 grams) are within what can be expected from a 5.5-inch device. Also, its composition of components is traditional, with the three capacitive buttons of Android in its frontal face and a sensor of fingerprints that passes to its rear area.

The device can be achieved in three colors, black, blue and white, always with a casing that has a remarkable surface with textures from behind that makes the grip much easier, without fears that it will slip from the hands even when they are wet or Transpired.

HOMTOM HT50: Display

Review HOMTOM HT50: Great Battery at Price

Making the difference that the “bad” of the HOMTOM HT50 is rather the logical thing in a phone in this price range, it should be mentioned that the IPS screen with 2.5D termination stays at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. While it does not offer a bad viewing experience, it is usually recommended to choose a smaller panel if you do not want to jump to Full HD.

HOMTOM HT50: Hardware

Review HOMTOM HT50: Great Battery at Price

Also, the processor is a MediaTek MT6737 that works with a total of four cores at a frequency of 1.3 GHz. This model has been on the market for several years and several options have happened that improve performances in the number of cores and speed of Clock so that in the end is somewhat limited.

HOMTOM HT50: Battery, Cameras and more

Review HOMTOM HT50: Great Battery at Price

HOMTOM can be easily highlighted from some very important aspects for users. As the title of the article indicates, the battery does not skimp on capacity, reaching a total of 5500mAh that also takes advantage of the screen or processor does not require such high power consumption.

With continuous use, the user can expect to reach the two days of autonomy without problems, while at the time of recharging can access a system of rapid loading Pump Express 2.0. Yes, its processor is one of the looser points but at least it offers support for this technology.

Review HOMTOM HT50: Great Battery at Price

As for cameras, the mobile positively surprised the included two sensors of equal quality, 13 megapixels, placed on both sides. As if this were not enough, ahead there is also a LED flash that favors the capture of “selfies” of excellent quality, even when there are no good natural lighting conditions.

Review HOMTOM HT50: Great Battery at Price

Finally, the phone has a total of 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of expandable storage via microSD up to 64 that guarantee a good performance when storing more demanding or multi-tasking Apps. Its factory operating system is Android 7.0 Nougat.

HOMTOM HT50: Availability and price

To purchase the HOMTOM HT50 it is necessary to confirm that its pre-sale phase has already been opened in different stores, such is the case of GearBest that will begin shipping the first units from next August 2. In addition, currently and only for the coming days of this week, is in a period of the irresistible offer.


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