Review HomTom HT3 Pro: Bright and affordable offer from Doogee

Not so long ago I met Doogee company, testing their budget freeloader Doogee Mix, which attracted its characteristics and price. Continue acquaintance became possible thanks to the new model Homtom HT3 Pro (a subsidiary of the brand Doogee).

Brands like Doogee are characterized by the low price, their smartphones are available to almost everyone. It does not matter, whether it’s a flagship or a budgetary, finding a cheaper analog is difficult.

Always, getting a cheap product, you try to find the minutes of this proposal. Of course, if you compare smartphones Homtom with top Samsung or Apple, the difference is obvious, but it is not necessary to compare incomparable. I suggest using Homtom HT3 Pro as an example, the best in the Homtom HT3 line, to objectively assess what the company is investing in the concept of a budget smartphone.

HomTom HT3 Pro: Equipment

The box looks very modest, even taking into account the fact that the smartphone is the budget. Thank you for choosing a solid cardboard for packaging, so you can be sure that the smartphone will not be damaged during transportation.

Review HomTom HT3 Pro: Bright and affordable offer from Doogee

The box contains only the company logo in silver color. Characteristics can be studied without opening the box, on the reverse side.


  • Smartphone
  • Charger for 1A
  • MicroUSB cable

The set includes a protective film, which is already glued to the smartphone, on top of it the manufacturer posted the production film with the logo.

The quality of the components is the same as that of other Chinese smartphones, no worse and no better.

HomTom HT3 Pro: Appearance and Design

The case of Homtom HT3 Pro is plastic, with strong pressing it is possible to cause a barely audible creaking, but at daily use, discomfort is not present. As for the 5-inch, the dimensions of the smartphone are rather large: the width is 33 mm, the length is 145.3 mm, the thickness is 9.9 mm, and the mass is 175 g.

The whole front surface of the smartphone is 2.5D glass with rounded edges. Frames around the screen in the eyes do not rush. At the bottom of the screen, there are three touch buttons without backlight: a “list of running applications”, “home” and “back.”

Review HomTom HT3 Pro: Bright and affordable offer from Doogee

At the top of the screen are the front 2MP camera, the light sensor, the speaker grille, the notification indicator and the signal diode that is able to change the color from green to red.

Homtom HT3 Pro has five variations of colors: metallic gray, black, pink, orange and blue.

The back cover of the Homtom HT3 Pro received a slight gleam but does not collect fingerprints. In the lower part of the center of the logo is placed, and the top – 8-megapixel camera with a LED flash below it. The cover is removable, closes the sides of the smartphone, which gives greater appeal. The camera practically does not protrude and is protected by a metal ring.

A bit inconvenient for right-handers was the placement of buttons for volume control and lock on the left side of the smartphone. The fact that the buttons are built into the cover does not affect the quality of their stroke, adjust the volume and turn on / off the Homtom HT3 Pro easily. The right side is clean.

Review HomTom HT3 Pro: Bright and affordable offer from Doogee

On the top, there is only a mini jack 3,5 mm for headphones. At the bottom – microUSB-connector, external speaker, and microphone. It was strange to find a hole for the microphone in the device where a mono speaker is installed.

You can remove the cover without applying titanic forces, thanks to the provided depressions on the lower end.

HomTom HT3 Pro: Display

The 5-inch crane Homtom HT3 Pro is very pleased with its characteristics. The resolution of the image is 1280 × 720 pixels, density is 294 ppi. The big advantage of the display was the IPS technology. As for a budget smartphone, the screen is bright, has a rich color rendition. The white color remains white at any angle, does not yellow. The viewing angles are excellent, but the image is slightly distorted when viewed from above because of the air gap between the screen and the glass. For sunny weather, it would be desirable to have a little more brightness, but in the dark, the minimum is more than enough. Auto brightness with the task in hand is correct. 2.5D-glass, designed to protect the screen, collects unwanted sunlight glare. The screen supports multi-touch in 5 touches.

Review HomTom HT3 Pro: Bright and affordable offer from Doogee

A definite conclusion suggests itself – despite the budget segment, the company significantly improved the quality of the screens of its smartphones. There is also an individual color adjustment in the MiraVision application.

HomTom HT3 Pro: Camera

Homtom HT3 Pro is equipped with a basic 8-megapixel camera and a front 2-megapixel camera. Thanks to the interpolation, these figures could be increased to 13 MP and 5 MP, respectively. Pictures were taken on the main camera, pleased with a good, as for the budget, quality – they are obtained quite clear, saturated. By the way about evening photos – in the dark, the number of noise increases noticeably on the pictures.

Review HomTom HT3 Pro: Bright and affordable offer from Doogee

I suggest not going into the evaluation of the technical characteristics of the cameras: the sharpness of the field and edges, the speed of focusing, the accuracy of metering and determining the white balance. Do not forget that this is a camera smartphone with a low price tag.

Front camera acceptable for shooting selfies and video chats, there is an auxiliary function Beauty.

In general, the cameras are good, they are quite suitable for an undemanding user.

Shooting video on this smartphone is made in Full HD resolution, the speed is 30 frames per second.

HomTom HT3 Pro: Sound

The average margin of loudness of the main speaker is enough to communicate via Skype or hands-free, but in a noisy environment it is difficult to keep the conversation going, we recommend using the headset. There are no specific built-in settings for the smartphone, so the sound in the headphones is standard.

Review HomTom HT3 Pro: Bright and affordable offer from Doogee

The speaker works well, loudly, the interlocutor is heard without tears and disturbances.

HomTom HT3 Pro: Performance

The used MediaTek MT6735P processor (4 cores Cortex A53 with a clock speed of 1 GHz) increased the speed of the smartphone simultaneously in several applications. On performance, it is similar to the MT6580, but there is support for LTE networks. RAM in Homtom HT3 Pro 2 GB, and a constant – 16 GB.

HomTom HT3 Pro: Software

The operating system Android 5.1, installed in Homtom HT3 Pro, works with a proprietary launcher. This launcher provides special visual effects and themes for wallpaper.

Review HomTom HT3 Pro: Bright and affordable offer from Doogee

In addition, the Smart Wake feature allows you to unlock the smartphone screen and activate a pre-selected application in the settings. This function also allows switching tracks on the locked screen.

An interesting feature seemed to be provided for locking the smartphone with two clicks on the home button.

More detailed study of all the additional functions can be found in the “Special Features” section.

The software is sufficient for performing basic tasks, surfing the Internet, installing simple games.

HomTom HT3 Pro: Battery

The capacity of the battery, declared by the manufacturer in 3000 mAh, in fact, is 2800 mAh. Due to the economical processor of a smartphone with a reduced frequency, Homtom HT3 Pro works up to two days in active mode and can withstand up to eight days in standby mode.

Review HomTom HT3 Pro: Bright and affordable offer from Doogee

It is very unfortunate, but if the smartphone is discharged, the battery charge will have to be spent up to 4.5 hours. Explainable is that the smartphone simply does not recognize the power charging. Therefore, there are two ways out: either leave it charged at home, or walk tied to a portable battery.

HomTom HT3 Pro supports Wi-Fi, FDD-LTE 4x frequencies, and GPS, Bluetooth version 4.0. Wi-Fi catches well, connecting to satellites occurs instantly. The peculiarity of the Pro version is the availability of 4G-network. There are no complaints about the connection.

HomTom HT3 Pro: Conclusions

HomTom HT3 Pro – a good smartphone with an attractive price. His bright design can appreciate girls. In the new Pro model, which costs 20-30 dollars more than HT3, the processor, the screen, the camera is added, operational and permanent memory is added. In HomTom HT3 Pro, you can find a lot of superiority even over the HT7 Pro model.

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