Review Energy Phone Pro 3: Midrange Continues to Evolve

There is a Spanish manufacturer that in recent years has managed to open a gap in the mid-range, and that manufacturer is Energy System. The firm, which at the beginning was only manufacturing multimedia products, jumped to the smartphone market three years ago, and today, we go to its most powerful terminal so far. Today, we bring you the review of Energy Phone Pro 3.

The last mobile that we analyzed of the company was the Energy Phone Max 2+, a terminal that its most outstanding characteristic was the autonomy and its great size of the screen. We liked it very much and we felt that it had a very good value for money, and that was in its sector a very recommendable terminal, given that its price was a bit lower than the competition.

Today is the turn of the new mobile of Energy, and we are going to bring our opinion about Phone Pro 3, reviewing its characteristics and most important aspects.


This is the section that, a priori, is the one that evolves the most. We see that for the first time they bet on a whole body of metal, something that was difficult to see in the middle range and that if the Spanish manufacturer did not dare to mount it, it could be a step back. In our case, we have analyzed the Energy Phone Pro 3 in black, in which we have seen that the traces are left behind in the back, in spite of being metal.

Review Energy Phone Pro 3: Midrange Continues to Evolve

As for the use of space, we find a front with decent frames and a screen 5.5 inches. For the first time, we found a reader of footprints, something that we did not like at all. The fingerprint reader goes really well, at the high-end level, but the negative point is the fact that we do not have on the sides of this, navigation buttons capacitive, having to resort to the screen buttons or the gestures of the button Of traces, gestures that are difficult to get accustomed to.

At the back, we find the Energy System logo, accompanied on the top by the double camera that so much game will give this terminal. On the sides, we find the buttons on / off and volume, we have found that they are not quite well built, given that they “Balian” a little. In summary, the design of the Energy Phone Pro 3 has liked us enough, finally including a fingerprint reader, a metallic design that may weigh more than due, and quite good ergonomics.

It costs to convince with the screen in the mid-range

The multimedia section is where the high-end terminals usually stand out, having the best cameras and screens of the moment. These sections are often, the most attractive of a mobile for the average user. But in the mid-range, we realize that somewhere we have to cut, and this Energy Phone Pro 3, although not disappoint in this aspect, is not the best in its sector.

Review Energy Phone Pro 3: Midrange Continues to Evolve

We found a 5.5-inch screen with FullHD resolution. Its pixel density is 401 dpi, which allows us to see with total definition anything. It does not have any Gorilla Glass protection but bet on another type of technology, Dragontail, with which we will be safe in the day to day by blows and scratches. On the subject of how the screen looks, we have to say that it convinces and makes noteworthy in all sections of sharpness, interpretation of colors, but we have to put it in the face that in the light of the sun, sometimes, it is almost impossible to see it. A very good display with some “buts”.

The dual camera of Energy Phone Pro 3

Leaving the design aside, which is the most prominent aspect of this Energy mobile, we are left with its double camera, which is the first time we see it on a company mobile. We found two sensors, one of 13 megapixels with an aperture f / 2.0 and another of 5 megapixels. What this camera will do, will be to play a few modes of background blur and 3D, something that can become quite interesting.

Review Energy Phone Pro 3: Midrange Continues to Evolve

In general, the camera is good, with a good interpretation of colors, without much noise in normal scenes, with a decent dynamic range and good interpretation of colors, except that sometimes it tends to burn the picture a lot. At night, like all the ranges of its sector, it does suffer a lot, but it is understandable if we see how much this terminal costs.

Review Energy Phone Pro 3: Midrange Continues to Evolve

The front camera is 5 megapixels, has LED flash and we have found a good camera, with a good level of detail, and superior in some situations to other terminals in the sector. This Energy Phone Pro 3 gives us an experience in good photography, and “curious” due to its double camera, which allows taking pictures somewhat different in certain cases. Here we leave you a gallery of photos made with the mobile. There are resolution downloads to be uploaded to the website.

Performance of the Energy Phone Pro 3

In this section, we find a well-known hardware in the mid-range. Perhaps, for the price that has come, we could have been the last generation Qualcomm processor. In this case, we have a MediaTek MT6750T processor with a speed of 1.5 GHz, accompanied by a Mali T880 GPU. The RAM of this mobile is 3 GB, accompanied by 32 GB of storage.

Review Energy Phone Pro 3: Midrange Continues to Evolve

As for the performance, we felt that we were in front of a powerful terminal, which could with all the games, maybe not as cool as a terminal with high-end, but it was quite good. As for the fluency of the terminal, we have found pure Android that helps a lot to have a very good user experience, but we noticed how at times, the operating system was not fully optimized.

Review Energy Phone Pro 3: Midrange Continues to Evolve

If we combine this with the autonomy section, which we see that has 3.000 mAh, we can say that we are in front of a good terminal. The battery has lasted on average, with a varied use of WiFi and 4G, with social networks and games, 4 hours of a screen, being slightly below the midrange, but still not a bad result. In summary, a pretty good performance, but can be improved with some updates.

Energy Phone Pro 3: Conclusions

Review Energy Phone Pro 3: Midrange Continues to Evolve

This new Mobile Energy System that we could already try at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has surprised us a lot, since we have seen a great evolution compared to last year, with a double camera that gives a touch “different” but not It comes in total, an acceptable performance, a very good design, and a fingerprint sensor that works really well.

The price of the Energy Phone Pro 3 is 269 euros. In summary, a fairly balanced mobile that is in a very competitive price range, and in which Energy System has managed to introduce a model that can compete with you to you with your rivals.

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