Review Chuwi Surbook: low-cost alternative to Surface

Chuwi Surbook is rampaging in its crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. It is a 2 in 1 tablet that has nothing to envy to the Windows Surface. In fact, it seems to us a cheap alternative highly recommended in terms of value for money. For those who do not know, Chuwi is the Chinese manufacturer of the popular line of Chuwi Hibook tablets and is known for offering high quality at a very low cost.

Review Chuwi Surbook: low-cost alternative to Surface

It is a convertible tablet, that is, it can fulfill the functions of a tablet but also those of a laptop as it disengages or attaches the keyboard or even in some cases can activate the Android operating system for a function and the one of Windows for the other.

In this case, the Chinese manufacturer decided to create a cheap alternative to a less affordable model as was the Windows. And, surprisingly, the experts see few differences between the Surface and the Surbook (until the name is similar).

The main difference? The price: almost 400 euros less.

Review Chuwi Surbook: low-cost alternative to Surface

Perhaps this is the key that Chuwi has managed to overcome in almost 500% the objective of the campaign that launched a month ago in the IndieGoGo platform and that has collected more than 150,000 dollars, of the 30,000 that this company was targeting. In other words, it has been a success. And that they still have a month to close the crowdfunding.

The popularity of this proposal comes to such an extent that without having finished the campaign that many AliExpress sellers are already listing the product for when it goes on sale in mid-August, although at a very high price (over 900 $), we assume That no one buys it until it is really available.

Review Chuwi Surbook: low-cost alternative to Surface

Also keep in mind that although Microsoft Surface is a product on the wish list of many technology lovers, the truth is that the price is around 900 euros, and not everyone can afford such a high expense. And more knowing that now there is a more affordable alternative practically the same and that even surpasses in memory and autonomy to the Windows Surface.

So with such success on the Internet, we have not been able to avoid wondering about what is so great about this prototype.

Chuwi Surbook: Specifications

Review Chuwi Surbook: low-cost alternative to Surface

Regarding the screen and the resolution has nothing to envy to the model of Windows Surface. Surbook is equipped with a screen of 12.3 inches, with 2736 × 1824 pixels which mean a resolution of 2K. Exactly the same as the Windows model.

But Chuwi SurBook not only looks like this model but also surpasses it. Its operating system is Windows 10, with an Inter Apollo Lae N3450 quad-core processor (in front of the two Surface cores). It also has 6GB of RAM – something that also surpasses Windows whose model has 4GB – and 128GB of internal storage.

In addition, the Chuwi SurBook has a support at the back, to be able to tilt and use it much more comfortably and with an ultra-thin keyboard and one hundred percent removable.

Chuwi Surbook: Design and hardware

Review Chuwi Surbook: low-cost alternative to Surface

The design is entirely made of metal, specifically made of aluminum that gives the model a great lightness and also has quality finishes. In the body of the device, we can also find two USB 3.0 and one type C inputs. It also has a mini HDMI, a slot for micro SD cards and a connector for headphones. Which we find quite complete when dealing with a tablet.

As for the camera with the SurBook, it has a rear camera and a front camera. The latter has a quality of 2MP, while the back of 5MP.

Chuwi Surbook: Price and Available

This device offers a 64GB version, which includes an extendable keyboard and a touch pen that will cost about 400 euros to change, and, on the other hand, will also launch a model with more internal storage, amounting to 420 euros. Some really attractive prices considering the hardware and software of this interesting tablet, which will follow the track very closely.

Chuwi Surbook: Conclusions

The release date for this product is still unknown, although it is estimated that it will be late summer. But if you are unable to wait so long and you are looking for a tablet that suits your pocket and has some good technical features you can consult our guide of tablets in this year’s AliExpress on some of the Chinese models that stand out in the market.

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