Review BQ Aquaris X: Candidate to reign in mid-range

BQ is a brand that has gone through some difficulties in recent years, but it seems that they have struggled to compete hard in the market against brands like Motorola or Honor, which have large terminals in the market. After many different ranges and all the experience collected, BQ seems to have found its way and for this year come stomping. That is why today we bring you the review of BQ Aquaris X.

This phone went on the market a few days ago and the truth is that we are already ahead that can be one of the best-selling phones in Europe in the mid-range. If you want to know that this new smartphone offers us stay with us and you will not miss anything.

Design: BQ Aquaris X

We are going to start strong this review and is that the BQ Aquaris X stands out for having a great design, this time stops opting for the metal to put a kind of gummy plastic that we have found really interesting, is very soft and grabs Much better than metal. Although in recent years almost all phones have decided to put metal as it seems to seem a premium phone, the truth is that BQ has a very practical solution and we do not think of poor quality.

Review BQ Aquaris X: Candidate to reign in mid-range

Its dimensions are 146.5 x 72.7 and 7.9 mm thick, being a rather large phone. The navigation buttons are haptic and although it seems that they can be interchangeable by its design, the truth is that they are not and we hope that this can be solved with an update or in the next models since we believe that it is an extra that would perfect even more the terminal.

On the side, as always, we have the volume buttons and the power off / on the terminal, which are very good to touch but could be a little lower, although everything depends on the size of our hand. In the back, we have the rear camera in a corner next to a double tone flash. The fingerprint reader is clearly visible and has a discreet and modern design. At the bottom, we have a USB-type C and speaker.

BQ Aquaris X: Hardware and Performance

After reviewing the exterior, it’s time to talk about what’s inside this Aquaris X. To begin with we have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 eight-core 2.2 GHz processor, along with an Adreno 506 GPU. This processor comes with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory (about 29 free for the user), expandable by MicroSD card up to 256 GB.

Review BQ Aquaris X: Candidate to reign in mid-range

On the screen, we found 5.2 inches at the Full HD (1080p) resolution with a layer of anti-fingerprint and protection Dinorex. The front camera 8 megapixels Samsung and the rear 16 megapixels with the Sony sensor IMX298. From these sections, we will speak now in more detail.

The integrated battery gives us a capacity of 3,100mAh, which is superior to many smartphones in the market, offering as always BQ a good autonomy for its users. Regarding the version of Android that incorporates is the 7.1.1 Nougat without the virtually layer of customization. As for connectivity, we have Wifi, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS + GLONASS, FM radio, 4G and a surprising NFC chip.

BQ Aquaris X: Screen and speakers

If the design seemed to us one of the best sections of the Aquaris X, the screen does not stay far away and is that BQ has decided to mount one of its best screens in this terminal. Not only is its Full HD resolution the culprit, its Quantum Color + technology gives a lively color that reminds us of AMOLED when what it really equips is an IPS panel. This is certainly a great alternative to the AMOLED screens that have so much consumption and we have found one of the best panels in the mid-range.

Review BQ Aquaris X: Candidate to reign in mid-range

As for sound, the only reproach is that it always seems better to have a front speaker, although almost no brand bets on it. The quality we believe is above other brand models like the U series, has more bass that is a subject pending of almost all phones in the input range. In general a speaker that surpasses many of its kind.

BQ Aquaris X: Autonomy and Battery

If there is one thing we like in Android is that we have a good flow, so in recent years many manufacturers have decided to opt for a layer without almost additives, and the results are excellent. The brand has again opted for this option and the fluidity is practically perfect, its 3 GB of RAM and an eight-core processor goes silken in this system. It moves all kinds of games, and although it is not like playing with a high range the experience is very good.

Review BQ Aquaris X: Candidate to reign in mid-range

The fingerprint reader is one of its loose sections, on the one hand, it does not fail much and we do not have to go through the unlocking screen, but then, however, the response time of the sensor is high and this remains. We believe that the brand can improve this section and we hope it will be. As far as the autonomy can get to spend more of a day without having to load, with enough hours of the screen and a fast load that was necessary for these batteries of so much capacity.

BQ Aquaris X: Camera

The photographic section is one of the most careful in these new Aquaris X and is that just seeing the application that comes with the series gives you an idea of what it is capable of doing. The manual mode works very well and will enable us to fully exploit the Sony IMX 298 sensor. In good light conditions, it is one of the best cameras in its price range, with a minimum distance of focus that allows us to get very close to what that we want to photograph, being able to make quite interesting photos. The automatic mode works very well and the focus is quite fast, highlighting how well it interprets what we want to focus on and even without light with the flash focuses very well.

Review BQ Aquaris X: Candidate to reign in mid-range

The possibility of taking pictures in RAW format is something that can already be done from previous models, and we have noticed that these come out with a rather muted tonality, perhaps thinking about a good postproduction, but something that has been striking and it is possible that Is a topic of lack of optimization. As for the video, we can record in 4K resolution and make slow cameras in HD at 120 fps. The stabilizer behaves well, although not the best with respect to the competition, it fulfills its function.

In general terms, we are faced with a great camera, which has its strengths the ease of use and a great macro mode. The negative part is found when the low light conditions appear, having a lot of noise due to the ISO rise.


Review BQ Aquaris X: Candidate to reign in mid-range

We hope you enjoyed this review of the BQ Aquaris X, the company has taken another small step in terms of quality and the range in which it competes, is a price of 279.99 euros closer to the mid-high range. Few things we have to miss in this Aquaris X comes prepared for the future thanks to the NFC chip and USB-type C port, has a good battery, a large screen and a software to move everything.

If you were thinking of a smartphone with warranty in Europe and below 300 euros this is probably the best option with respect to all its rivals. There are still things to improve, but the good sense is present in this model and we are sure that it will not disappoint anyone.

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