The sound of the Bose SoundLink Mini 2 is our test of the socks. Not least, for this reason, the wireless speaker is at the top of many notices. However, it is not competitive, as we find in the test, because there is a more favorable alternative.
Review Bose SoundLink Mini 2 on test: A nerve hit
When talking about the best Bluetooth speakers, a name is inevitable: Bose. The successor Soundlink Mini 2 has been available for some time now, which the manufacturer has improved in details such as the recharge time and the now available hands-free system, convinces us from the spot.

Differences to the first SoundLink Mini

The basic principle of Bose remains faithful to the second version of the SoundLink Mini, the sound has not changed. But there are a few sensible equipment details added.
Review Bose SoundLink Mini 2 on test: A nerve hit
  • Hands-free kit for paired smartphone
  • Slightly longer battery life (up to ten hours)
  • Charging via microUSB connector possible
  • Voice announcements on battery status and coupling process

Critics may rightly inject that the not exactly cheap, mobile loudspeaker (online price: 170 euros) still a built-in radio is missing. The test device does not offer the possibility to use the internal and unchangeable 2.230-millimeter-hour battery for charging the connected smartphone.
After all, there is a jack on the side, via which you can connect external sources, independent of a Bluetooth connection. So the old MP3 player still has access.

Design and processing

The SoundLink Mini 2 brings a total of 662 grams to the editorial balance. It is not particularly large with an edge length of just under 18 centimeters and a height of 5.1 centimeters. There is nothing wrong with the processing. Bose uses the technology in an aluminum block. We can not detect conspicuous gaps or similar unpleasantries. The drivers are well protected behind metal grids.

Review Bose SoundLink Mini 2 on test: A nerve hit
In the quite extensive scope of delivery, we find a practical plastic loading tray. It can be supplied with power via the included power supply unit. If the loudspeaker of the speaker tends to end, it is sufficient to place the SoundLink Mini 2 on the docking station and the charging process starts automatically. The music playback is also possible during the charging process, which can take up to four hours.

Operation: This voice

“Speech prompts” Bose calls one as we find the quite annoying audio menu. Each time the power is turned on, the female computer will briefly inform you about the battery status and will name the audio device that is paired with Bluetooth. (Name your smartphone fun “your mother” and you have the laughter on your side). This function can be disabled by holding down the Volume Down and Volume Down buttons at the same time.

Review Bose SoundLink Mini 2 on test: A nerve hit
It is noticeable that the total of five rubberized function buttons on the speaker top would all tolerate a better pressure point. After all, pressing the center button allows you to jump in a playlist.

Sound: What is typical Bose?

In reviews, one reads again and again from the typical, quite warm Bose sound. In fact, the examinee is not neutral but as we find very suitably matched. If you enter a room where the SoundLink Mini is playing at a moderate volume when the eyes are closed, you will not trust your eyes when it hits them again. This penetrating spatial presence at Kygo’s Firestone in the acoustic Fireworks version: goose bumps, hat off!
Not quite as impressive as the satisfied warm sound is the stereo sound, which is hardly available due to the construction. Even with the maximum loudness, the Bose has to beat other speakers, such as the Creative Soundblaster Roar Pro. Especially since the low frequencies are abandoned from a certain point to a higher maximum level.
Not only the volume but also the location is of great importance when listening to the SoundLink. Anyone who sits at the Sweet Spot, in this case at the same level as the loudspeaker, enjoys a sound that is actually only much more expensive systems. Placed on a table or in the corner, the experience is quite different. Here, the Bose plays rather listlessly before itself.

Review Bose SoundLink Mini 2 on test: A nerve hit
Due to the many reader requests and positive reviews we have approached with very high expectations on the sound of the SoundLink Mini 2. We were not disappointed. And the sound is not unrivaled: The price-wise somewhat more favorable UE Boom 2 delivers a bit more dynamic as we find and play a little louder. In addition, two copies can be linked to a stereo pair – a function that Bose did not provide for the SoundLink Mini 2.


If it were something like a Bluetooth speaker base table, the Bose SoundLink Mini 2 would probably always talk. This is mainly due to his successful vote. The sound is always a question of personal taste, but the manufacturer has found ways to get the nerve of many satisfied buyers here. Recommendation!

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