For good headphones with active noise filtering, you usually have to lie down around the 300 euros. Here, for example, the QuietComfort line from Bose goes off. The tested InLine Pure 1, also equipped with Bluetooth and noise-canceling, costs just under half! Where are the case knuckles or are the cheap Bluetooth headphones at the end of the premium competition in the bag?
Review Bluetooth Headset InLine Pure 1 for 149 Euro!
Bose Quiet Comfort 25 or 35, Sennheiser Momentum or Sony MDR-1000X: All well-sounding over-ear headphones with good sound and active noise filtering by counter-sound – all in the 300 Euro league. We had a headphone amplifier of the brand some time ago in the test.

Design and processing

The Pure I has not been thoroughly stylized to the last detail. Even if the manufacturer has apparently made great efforts to make the headphones look appealing. So we take note of the brown artificial leather and the aluminum look of our test device. Again, we have no objection to the interchangeable ear pads.

Review Bluetooth Headset InLine Pure 1 for 149 Euro!
But the wild switch mix on the right pinna (play/pause, forward, back, louder, quieter, connect) and the striking ANC slide switch have a slightly degenerate and coarser feel. The base of the right auricle reveals fine plastic burrs. If we look beyond this, the Pure 1 leaves a solid impression. The Bluetooth headphones should be forgiven for you. Between the first unpacking and this test are eight days – but the reclining device still exudes a slight plastic odor.

Review Bluetooth Headset InLine Pure 1 for 149 Euro!
For transport, the two auricles can be inserted. Then the InLine Pure 1 can be conveniently placed in the included transport bag. The manufacturer also provides aircraft adapters, cable remote control, and USB cables. The 300 milli-hour battery, which is good for a playback time of ten hours according to the manufacturer, is loaded via microUSB.

Comfortable wearing

It is basically a headband earphone, but the ears of the author do not want to fit under the padding, the ear tips collide easily with the outer padding. The rattling of the bracket is very solid and the Pure 1 can be easily adapted to different heads.

Review Bluetooth Headset InLine Pure 1 for 149 Euro!
As a little too strong we feel the pressure of the pinna. With a weight of 336 grams, the test device is a good corner heavier than the Bose QC 35 or Sony’s MDR-1000X. Nevertheless, it can also be worn without pain for several hours at a time.

The ANC is so effective

The Noise Cancellation activates her, by a quite difficult sliding switch on the left auricle surrounds. Caution – there is no automatic shutdown. So do not forget to switch the switch back to zero when you drop the Pure 1.
Compared to the Bose QuietComfort 35 and QC 25 – our two ANC reference models – the basic system of the system is brighter and clearly perceptible. And it does not work quite so effectively. The effect is noticeable, and the remaining frequencies such as the sound of aircraft turbines are eliminated.

Review Bluetooth Headset InLine Pure 1 for 149 Euro!
In our main office, however, keyboards and other sounds can be heard as well as with deactivated ANCs. The degree of filtering is comparable to the ANC of the Sennheiser momentum and a few steps weaker than the (much more expensive) competition from Bose.

Hearing test

Pairing via Bluetooth with our iPhone 7 Plus works smoothly. However, we had our test reproduction list already better in the ear. The Pure 1 works stretch-wise and plays against an imaginary bell that seems to surround us. This will improve slightly after we activate the ANC. Then basses are a little more stressed and generally, it becomes a little airier.

Review Bluetooth Headset InLine Pure 1 for 149 Euro!
However, many details, such as the Bowers & Wilkins P7 effortlessly peels out, the Pure 1. The bass acts a little doughy, heights and centers are not crystal clear. Sure, that’s much better. However, we do not have here with noble headphones but with a favorable beginner device. The maximum volume is high enough and the test device is level-resistant.
If you do not have a hi-fi claim on the go, you can get along with the sound of the test device. Interesting it’s for bus and train drivers: Only from high volume levels do your seat neighbors get what music you are currently running.


The Inline Pure 1 can actually do everything but leaves in every discipline feathers. Processing, sound, ANC is all this is not perfect. Points he can mainly above the price 150 euros are by no means too much. For the one or the other people who are looking for peace, it could get into the shortlist.

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