Review ASUS RT AC86U: Faster Wireless Router 2017

Today, we got into the review ASUS RT AC86U is the top router from the cohort of AC-models of the Taiwanese manufacturer, which can boast the highest possible data transfer rate at 2900Mbps. The productive dual-core processor from Broadcom, 512MB of RAM and two separate chips for each of the network ranges allow you to count on stable operation even under severe load conditions. Also note the presence of four Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB-connectors and a number of useful brand technologies.

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ASUS RT AC86U: Equipment

The router ASUS RT AC86U is shipped in the usual for the network equipment of the company box of black cardboard, the design of which allows you to quickly assess the main technical characteristics of this model.

Review ASUS RT AC86U: Faster Wireless Router 2017

Standard – inside you will find a rather large router according to the standards of the user’s devices, three removable antennas, a power supply, a short Ethernet cable, a CD with proprietary utilities and accompanying documentation.

ASUS RT AC86U: Design and Connectors

The model ASUS RT AC86U is made in the same firm design as most other routers of the Taiwanese company – there are such family features as a textured front panel, sharp edges and wedge-shaped black shell, stand for vertical installation, etc.

Review ASUS RT AC86U: Faster Wireless Router 2017

However, it is worthwhile to put the ASUS RT AC86U next to any other colleague on the product line, as it becomes clear that it’s not just the design, but also the size. Moreover, if the increase in the front panel does not seem too significant, then the profile look and especially the weight of the device indicate that the developers have worked hard at least over cooling its components. As a result, the overall dimensions of the router are 220 x 153 x 85 mm, and the weight – 591grams.

Review ASUS RT AC86U: Faster Wireless Router 2017

A standard set of information from the logo and model designation is placed in the upper right corner of the front panel, and ten indicators of blue are located at the very bottom of the relief front panel. Right-to-left is inclusion, activity in the 5.0 and 2.4 GHz bands, peripherals in the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, the connection status of the Global Network and the presence of wired clients connected to the four RJ45 ports. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the constant winking of the LEDs, then the entire display can be easily turned off with a single LED on/off button. It is located on the back panel in such a way that it can be easily reached from the side of the work panel without having to deploy the router 180 degrees.

The left side frame of the ASUS RT AC86U is empty; the right-hand side contains hardware buttons for starting the WPS-dialog and quickly enabling/disabling Wi-Fi modules. The upper face contains three threaded connectors for connecting external antennas, here, through the perforation of the case; you can see the metallic shielding of the components of the device. All connectors and controls are traditionally concentrated at the very bottom of the back of the router.

Review ASUS RT AC86U: Faster Wireless Router 2017

In the middle of the patch panel, the above-mentioned LED on/off button is located, which disables not only the indication on the front face but also the backlight of the transparent decorative insert with the ASUS logo. To the right of the insert there are four LAN ports, to the left – WAN-input, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connectors, power supply socket and a power-on button. Directly above it is a miniature reset button to factory settings.

The developers decided not to test the fate, equipping a relatively large and heavy housing with a removable stand or holes for attaching to the wall. Therefore ASUS RT AC86U is installed exclusively vertically, relying on a solid non-removable base, equipped with two rubber anti-slip overlays.

ASUS RT AC86U: Functionality

As a central processor, ASUS RT AC86U stands dual-core chip CPU with a working frequency of 1.8GHz, the same processor is responsible for organizing an Ethernet connection. The router is equipped with 512 MB of RAM and Flash-memory for 256 MB. The wireless part of the system is built on two Broadcom BCM4360 processors, the first of which is responsible for the “classic” IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n  standards, and the second one for the current 802.11n / ac. Three external antennas operate in 3 × 3: 3 MIMO modes.

Review ASUS RT AC86U: Faster Wireless Router 2017

As a result, the maximum data transfer rate in the standard 802.11n at 2.4 GHz is 1000Mbps, and with the use of proprietary technology Broadcom TurboQAM and compatible client, equipment increases to 1000Mbps. Given the bandwidth of the 802.11ac interface at a frequency of 5.0 GHz at 1300Mbps, the total data rate for the wireless channel for the ASUS RT AC86U can reach up to 2900Mbps. We also note the proprietary technology of increasing the coverage area of ASUS AiRadar wireless network and the Quality of Service function, which allows setting the priority of bandwidth usage by various applications.

ASUS RT AC86U: Interface

The model ASUS RT AC86U operates under the proprietary “black” ASUSWRT interface, which is used in almost all the current routers of the company. The process of initial configuration in most cases is automatic, you only need to specify the network name and password. All basic information is collected in the section “Network Map” – here you can quickly assess the connection status, security settings, the number of wired and wireless clients, USB peripherals, operating mode, firmware version, etc.

Then follows the section “Guest network”, which is especially useful to the hospitable hosts, who value their own privacy, but do not want to limit the rights of their guests. So that you do not have to worry about the password of the main account and personal data on the home network, just create one or two (maximum of three for each of the 2.4 and 5.0 GHz bands) guest accounts and give them to friends and relatives. Within this account, you can use a password that is easier to remember, limit the session time, access the local network and even disable the guilty guests by the MAC address.

Review ASUS RT AC86U: Faster Wireless Router 2017

In the “Traffic Manager” section of the ASUS RT AC86U it is possible to flexibly configure the bandwidth for individual services, applications, and devices in such a way that the consumer, who is not in demand for the data rate, does not “cross the road” to exacting tasks. In the same section, in the “Traffic Monitoring” tab, you can evaluate the current situation with wired and wireless sharing in real time, in the last 24 hours or in the last 30 days. The section “Parental Control” is useful to those who, for educational purposes, intended to restrict children access to network resources.

Finally, the last two sections allow you to fully configure the interaction with a variety of devices connected to the two USB ports of the ASUS RT AC86U. Interestingly, support for the Apple Time Machine backup service has been added to standard features such as file and print servers, AiDisk and AiCloud services and the ability to work with 3G / 4G modems in this model.

In the “Advanced settings” section, points are collected in which experienced users will be able to finalize all necessary parameters, including mode, number and width of the wireless channel, the schedule and power of the transmitter, MAC address filtering and port forwarding, configuring the built-in firewall and VPN etc. etc.

ASUS RT AC86U: Conclusions and Reviews

Review ASUS RT AC86U: Faster Wireless Router 2017

As a result, ASUS RT AC86U is a top-end wireless router with a productive hardware platform, which allows you to count on the high stability of operation even in difficult conditions (several connected devices, various tasks). To approach the maximum declared speed of 2900Mbi/s you will have to use client devices of Wi-Fi 802.11ac class with the support of proprietary technology Broadcom TurboQAM, but even on relatively old devices of Wi-Fi 802.11n class, you can get quite decent speed in the wireless segment. We can not fail to mention two USB-ports (USB 2.0 and USB 3.0), with which you can build a truly functional network infrastructure. Finally, we note that the cost of ASUS RT-AC68U abroad reaches $199.99.

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Concurrent speed up to a combined 2900Mbps, Max. LAN Data Rate: 1000Mbps, Freq: 50Hz-60Hz “] [sociallocker][/sociallocker]

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