Review Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Plus: What to expect from this special edition?

It has been ten years, since Apple and Nike joined for the first time, to launch a special edition of the iPod (Nike Plus iPod). This time both companies have teamed up again to take the Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Plus, an exclusive version of this smart watch, which in addition to bringing all the functions we could already find in the latest variant of Apple’s smart watch, incorporates new Benefits that will delight the fans to the running. Let’s see what you can expect from this special edition.

The Apple Watch Nike Plus watch has managed to integrate the physical activity apps created by Nike, using Apple technology. And although the result has taken more than 2 years, we can say that it is fully satisfactory.

Series 2 Nike Plus: GPS and ultra-bright OLED display

And is that the Series 2 Nike Plus was born to run. Like all other models that are part of the Series 2, it is available in two sizes: 38 and 42 millimeters. It also incorporates GPS, so you can control your pace, distance, and travel, without having to carry the iPhone.

Series 2 Nike Plus screen is the brightest Apple ever created.

Review Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Plus: What to expect from this special edition?

Another of its strengths is the screen. It is the most brilliant Apple has ever created. So you can see all your data, even if you are running under the most scorching sun. We are talking about a second generation Retina OLED screen, which on some models comes with sapphire crystal, and in others with Ion-X Glass. And if you want to take a dip you will not have any problem, since it is submersible up to 50 meters.

This model has the same size and weight as any other in the Apple Watch Series 2 catalog. The main differences we will see in the 2 new spheres designed exclusively for the Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Plus. These faces can be personalized with practical information for the runner, including temperature, heart rate sensor, and timer, among others.

Review Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Plus: What to expect from this special edition?

The watch comes with silicone straps also exclusive to Nike, which in addition to being very light and flexible, are perforated with circles, so that the skin can be better ventilated. The Nike Sports strap is made from the same tough fluoroelastomer as the original Apple Watch sports strap. Black and silver bands with white, gray or yellow-green details are available. In total there are 7 combinations of shades and are easily interchangeable.

Series 2 Nike Plus: Nike Plus Run Club App

Remember that the Nike Plus Run Club app is already preinstalled in this smartwatch. The WatchOS3 OS offers a number of unique Siri commands. With this application, you can communicate with other runners or ask you to start a new workout. In addition, the app shows motivational messages, which invite you to run or “sting” with friends.

The Nike Plus Run Club app is already preinstalled on this smartwatch.

As you can see, the Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Plus is an endless source of fun. And of course your ideal companion to practice running. Do not forget that you will always have the advice of numerous experts, who will help you to go further and faster. It does not matter whether you’re starting to run or you’re a marathon expert.

You will also have the possibility to consult at all times an extract with the most important information. And if you want more details of your training, you’ll just have to slide your finger. You can also share your races with your running partners, compete with them and even send greetings.

Review Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Plus: What to expect from this special edition?

But the Series 2 Nike Plus will not only allow you to register your activity while running. It also does with other sports, such as swimming and cycling. And even if you’re in the gym, you can also measure activity on the treadmill or on the stationary bike, just to give a few examples. We must not forget that in addition to GPS, it has an accelerometer and gyroscope.

One of the things that most caught our attention, is the original system that has to evacuate the water when we throw into the pool, including the touch screen lock.

This device incorporates a complete activity meter, which is responsible for recording all our daily movements. So we will know the calories we have burned, the steps taken, the hours we have been standing, the distance traveled… And if we have been sitting or lying for a long time, it reminds us to stand and do some exercise.

Series 2 Nike Plus: Excellent Battery and Fast Charge

The battery is another thing we like most in this Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Plus. Although everything depends on the use we give, autonomy can be extended in some cases up to 18 hours. In addition, the battery charge is quite fast, because in 10 minutes recharge 10%.

Although everything depends on the use we give, autonomy can be extended in some cases up to 18 hours.

Series 2 Nike Plus: Messages, calls and more

Review Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Plus: What to expect from this special edition?

Finally, remember that the Watch Series 2 Nike Plus has all the features of Apple Watch Series 2. That is, we will be able to receive messages, make calls and run applications. And if you want to enjoy the best music, you can count on Apple Music, with the exclusive themes of the Nike Plus Run Club.

Series 2 Nike Plus: Conclusions

With the Watch Series 2 Nike Plus, the company based in Cupertino, seeks to attract users of Nike apps, especially the runners. Now you can get one of these models, in the online store of Media Markt. You can also fund it for up to 49 months.

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