Review Anchor Powerbank PowerCore + 26800mAh: Specs and Features

I have an Anchor for a test of the Anchor Powerbank PowerCore + 26800 and will write down my impressions on this hoses nuclear power plant in the following lines.

If you want to have a smartphone with a smaller battery, or you want to recharge several devices at the same time, you have already stumbled upon Powerbank. There is an abundance of candidates in various sizes and strengths and with various connections.

Anchor Powerbank PowerCore + 26800: Specifications

Dimensions: 180 x 80 x 24 mm
Weight:580 g
USB-C Input:27 W
USB-C Power Delivery Output:(5 V / 3 A, 9 V / 3 A, 15 V / 2 A, 20 V / 1.25 A)
USB-A Output:(5 V / 3 A per port)
Availability:26800 mAh (96.48 Wh)

The Powerbank PowerCore + 26800 from Anker is certainly one of the larger models. This must be said right from the start. It can by no means be compared with one of this barely cigarette box large plastic power banks. This is also quite normal, as this Powerbank is designed for even bigger demands.

Review Anchor Powerbank PowerCore + 26800mAh: Specs and Features

Depending on your smartphone, you can recharge it up to 7 times with one charge. On the other hand, again, a lot of intelligent charging technology was installed, which of course also takes up a little space in the housing. This means that connected devices are always charged in the fastest possible way. Anker calls the PowerIQ.

The PowerIQ ™ technology dynamically detects and adapts the device to be loaded. PowerIQ ™ creates a unique load history, allowing you to load at the highest speed.

Review Anchor Powerbank PowerCore + 26800mAh: Specs and Features

In the case of the 26800 mAh (96.48 Wh) Powerbank tested here, this means that some devices are charged even faster than with the originally supplied power supply of the respective terminal.

Overview of the press release

The Powerbank has two normal USB ports with PowerIQ technology and a USB Type-C port with PowerDelivery technology. All three ports can be used simultaneously to charge one terminal at a time. The USB Type-C port can be used to charge devices or to charge the Power Bank itself.

Review Anchor Powerbank PowerCore + 26800mAh: Specs and Features

The PD technology allows devices with the type C connection to be charged with up to 30 watts. At least equally interesting is however that the 26800 mAh strong Powerbank with a corresponding PD-power supply (up to 27 Watts) in about 4.5 hours can be charged. Directly on my first attempt, the Powerbank was actually fully charged in 4 hours and almost 30 minutes.

I previously used Anker Powerbank with 20.000 mAh needed for a complete charging procedure times just over 9 hours. Even during a normal working day, the 20,000 mAh were not full. Here, I must praise the new PD technology in any case.

Of course, Anker also offers the usual safety mechanisms, such as short-circuit protection and overvoltage protection.

And what else?

  • In addition to the transport bag, there is also a USB -> MicroUSB cable as well as a USB Type C -> Type C cable.
  • The Powerbank shows the current charge state or the current capacity via small LEDs in the button.
  • Processing the Powerbank is 1A. The housing is made of aluminum and not plastic.
  • My Samsung Galaxy S8 also worked with the Huawei Mate 9. It must be noted here that the latter uses a special kind of quick-charging. Also, a thumbs up for this.
  • Officially, Qualcomm’s QuickCharge is not supported.

Anchor Powerbank PowerCore: Conclusion

With almost 600 g, the tested PowerCore + 26800 is not just a light weight. This is basically for me but also the only, if not to be the despicable negative point. If you would like to spend a long weekend without electricity, but do not want to do without the laptop or mobile phone, this Powerbank is very well advised.

Review Anchor Powerbank PowerCore + 26800mAh: Specs and Features

The quick charge function of the Powerbank itself is great and you would like to load it after 1-2 load no more. For currently about 75, – Euro is the PowerCore + 26800 sold at Amazon. Of course, there are cheaper alternatives here. It is very important to balance the quality, the capacity, and the installed features.

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