Thanks to a new leak from China, the exact release date and characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi6 have supposedly become known. Many experts, however, still take this information with skepticism. Presentation of Xiaomi Mi6 is expected on April 16.
Release date and characteristics of Xiaomi Mi6, probably declassified
According to data published by the insiders, Xiaomi will release two flagship smartphones: a classic Mi6 with a 5.15-inch screen and a smart touch Mi6 Plus with a screen diagonal of 5.7 inches.

Xiaomi Mi6 Specifications

At the same time, both devices will be flagship by the standards of 2017 level thanks to the use of the new chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, and not last year’s Snapdragon 821, as LG did this spring.
The amount of RAM will be 4/6 GB depending on the modification in the case of the usual Xiaomi Mi6 and only the maximum 6 GB for the Mi6 Plus. The capacity of the built-in drive is 32/64/128 Gb UFS 2.0 for Mi6 and 64/128 Gb UFS 2.0 for Mi6 Plus.
Release date and characteristics of Xiaomi Mi6, probably declassified
However, without strangeness, too, it was not done:
  1. As the operating system for the basic modification of the Xiaomi Mi6, Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the proprietary MIUI 8 shell is listed. This would be forgivable for a smartphone of the average price range, but not for a flagship, even a Chinese one.
  2. Again, the Sony IMX400 sensor is indicated for the main Mi6 camera. This new module is still too expensive for Xiaomi mass production, or the company will raise prices above the usual values.
  3. The screen has a resolution of FullHD 1080 × 1920 pixels in the “older” Xiaomi Mi6 Plus. With a diagonal of 5.7 inches for the flagship, QHD clearly “asks”.
In general, while in fact, we have more questions than answers. Will follow the developments!

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