QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones

Neptune is the farthest planet from Earth in the solar system and it has a very beautiful and rich blue color. But today it’s not about the planets, but it’s about the QDC Neptune earphones.

I can not say that Neptune earphones are the flagship, as in the company’s lineup, models such as QDC Gemini 8, QDC Live 8, QDC HiFi 8, QDC Studio 8 with a price tag of more than $1,800 and reaching $ 2,100.

QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones
QDC Neptune: Balanced Armature Universal Music In-ear Earphones
Price: $358
Price: $358 Show Less

The new model QDC Neptune can be ordered and bought at a price of only $358. Based on the prices, the Neptune earphones fall into a lower-end category in the flagship device class.

Therefore, we will not catch up with intrigue, let’s proceed to a detailed review of the next earphones.

Neptune QDC: Specifications

QDC Neptune:Specs
Impedance:10 ohms
Cable Length:1.25m
Type:Balanced armature
Sensitivity:104dB SPL/mW
Support Apt-x:No
Connectors:0.75 mm
Frequency Response Range:20-20 000Hz
Connections:3.5mm audio jack

Neptune QDC: Unboxing

The minimalist box hides the foam shape in which the earphones are fixed and there is also another box with a leather protective accessory cover.

A lot of equipment is available, namely:

  • Leather Case;
  • Dual-pin 0.75 mm headphone cable;
  • Six pairs of silicone ear cushions (2 pairs in sizes S, M, L);
  • Earphone brush;
  • Operating instructions and documentation.

The first impression is positive, the equipment and quality of the items at a high level. The presence of a leather case makes earphones stand out from the crowd and makes them a premium.

QDC Neptune: Design and Appearance

Visually, the QDC Neptune in our test looks like other headphones in this category. At close, you can see that the enclosures were printed using 3D polymer resin. The enclosures are perfectly installed, smoothly processed and ergonomically profiled.

QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones

The earphones are available in aquamarine color and are mostly translucent.

QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones

The earphones cases are rounded and smooth from the inside and more angular on the outside, where they are decorated with the brand logo, but restrained and embossed in the middle of the case.

QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones

The 0.75 mm sockets are located in the upper part and are gilded. The sound guides are located at the right angle. Anchor transducer filters are visible in the sound guides.

QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones

The cable is stranded and secured with general insulation. It is also deformed and looks like corrugated. The previously mentioned cable has a narrow splitter with a slider.

QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones

In addition, the oblong adjustment with three buttons and ends with a simple 3.5 mm plug, which is additionally gilded.

QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones

In practice, earphones work well, like many IEM headphones. Ergonomics does not disappoint, and QDC Neptune is ideal for use in our analisis.

The shape of the earphones successful. The cases are smooth and pleasant to the touch, and also have optimal sizes. Also, the earphones sit tight in their ears and do not fall out even when running.

QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones

I had no problems filling the channels, I did not need to wear earphones or look for the desired depth of application.

Isolation is ideal – when listening to music, the surrounding sounds do not interfere. QDC Neptune can be safely listened to in public transport or trains.

QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones

The support of both cables are flexible and can maintain the desired shape. Therefore, I had no ergonomic problems. Also, the headphones did not irritate the skin and adequately neutralize the microphone effect.

The sound was good, regardless of whether I used silicone or foam attachments. In the first case, the bass was slightly larger, but the sound was less clear. Strangely enough, in Bass Junkie – Comply, the sound was calmer, but the earphones sounded a little brighter.

QDC Neptune: Sound

In the QDC Neptune earphones, classical fittings were used, but in a modernized edition. The sound in the headphones is outlined, it is accurate and manageable. They have a small diameter, but in the musical version they sound naturally warm, but without exaggeration.

QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones

The QDC Neptune is not a bass headset in the test, but they are definitely missing here. The low tones are more linear and punctual, as befits fittings. The earphones do not seem thin and you can expect a very massive, smooth and soft bass sound. Although the bass does not play the first violin here, it does not show an exceptionally deep descent, but it is still clean, real and well controlled. The bottom is tough, has a strong attack and quickly resonates, but this is the result of technicality and musicality. Therefore, the sound is not very superficial, anemic or shallow, it still has a shape and mass. The earphones change the texture of instruments well and provide a lot of detail, but unobtrusively.

QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones

QDC Neptune in our test works great with jazz, blues, light rock, classical music, well-made popular music, etc. However, it may not satisfy fans of strong sub-bass and well-conquered mid-bass, tasting modern electronics or heavy metal. In such genres, earphones still sound good because they are fast and can hit hard, but they lack mass and thickening in the bass.

The middle range is very natural. Higher registers have been reassured, but they have not yet been removed so that you can catch the lightness of heat and the greater richness of sound. This is accompanied by a minimal shutdown effect, a slight attenuation of the band. Sometimes earphones may seem slightly mousy, but this is not intense and depends on the specific connection with the source.

In my opinion, the sound is still fairly straightforward and outlined, but at the same time easy to read.

QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones

Neptune QDC does not sound aggressive or intrusive, which also applies to details – there is no lack of detail, but earphones do not impose them. You can distribute the music according to the main factors, follow the individual musicians of the brass band, focus on the close and rich vocals, analyze the strings, listen to each beat of the drumstick. But you can also close your eyes and relax, picking up all the music without tearing it into separate elements.

As for clarity and integrity in QDC Neptune? This group is present, it is accurate and close. They play the sound correctly, eliminates the darkness or the veil, so the music is given directly, without distance. Thus, you do not hear any “peaks” – the top is not sharpened, the earphones do not increase stabilization. At the same time, the upper frequencies are not sandy, they do not intersect and nothing rustles.

QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones

Tools have their own form; they occupy a certain space in the scene and not just points. The scene is round and each plane has the same proportions – there are no gaps in height, width or depth. The QDC Neptune earphones tend to draw messages in front, they fill the area in front of the listener more than the back, which perfectly conveys sound. There is no impression that the scene “runs away” somewhere behind the head. There is also no lack of air – the distances between the instruments are large, so the separation of sounds is exemplary.

Neptune QDCs are earphones that are not demanding in terms of power, synergy, and sound source quality. They scale with the equipment and react to the character of the players, but this does not determine the gap. Neptune will play well in the best sources, but you can still use them directly to your smartphone. The earphones are also not sensitive to the purity of the signal, they do not increase the noise of the amplifiers. It is difficult to choose the best connection because regardless of the source, the sound, character, and prices will be almost the same.

QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones

If you look at the competition, I can compare the sound of the QDC Neptune with Campfire Andromeda. It is almost the same, it is difficult to find any major differences. It is as warm and at the same time detailed. If you compare with the BGVP DM6, which are even cheaper for the price, but the sound in them is completely different. In DM6, there is more bass and detail, the sound is not as quiet as in Neptune. The sound in QDC Neptune earphones is designed for relaxation and tranquility. They will not beat on your ears and after a hard day, you can enjoy a warm and calm sound.

QDC Neptune: Conclusion and Reviews

QDC Neptune is undoubtedly the best earphones of this brand, as well as a great option for its price in our review. However, they are not earphones for everyone – they sound warm and they are diametrical.

QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones

The earphones do not like people who are looking for a carefully crafted high frequency and strong upper midrange. Also lovers of deep sub bass, massive sound or V-shaped sound.

This is rather a suggestion for people who like the priority diameter, low sharpness, roughness, and excessive technicality.

QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones

The earphones sound light and musical – they do not hiss and it is pleasant to listen to them for a long time without stopping. You can relax with them, enjoying the resolution and holography.

I also like cases from 3D printing, which were very well defined. Ergonomics gives no reason to complain, the damping is good, there is also a protective leather case. Visually, the earphones look good and are of high quality.

QDC Neptune: Price and Where to buy cheaper?

Currently, QDC Neptune earphones cost about $358, but in promotions, you can sometimes buy cheaper. Therefore, it is sometimes worth looking through the options with discounts.

In general, given its capabilities and sound quality, the QDC Neptune earphones definitely have good potential. Also, given its price and quality, the earphones even win their competitors, for example, Campfire Andromeda.

QDC Neptune Review: Ultra Premium IEM Earphones
QDC Neptune: Balanced Armature Universal Music In-ear Earphones
Price: $358
Price: $358 Show Less

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