QCY T12 Review: TWS Earbuds with Massive Bass for $20

QCY has introduced another budget wireless earbuds model that may surprise you. Today I have reviewed a completely new model of TWS earbuds called QCY T12.

Recently, QCY has started printing various types of earbuds very often. Therefore, I have an open question about the build quality, sound, and microphone, as well as the ease of fit and much more.

So, if you’re looking for inexpensive earbuds at an attractive price point, the T12 might be a good choice. You can find out my opinion at the end of the article in the conclusions.

And yes, as far as the price tag is concerned, you can currently get the earbuds for a pretty interesting $ 20 price tag. I am not at all surprised by the price tag as most of the products from the QCY brand come with a similar price tag.


Okay, let’s go through the main features that can conquer you, as they conquered me, by the way. First of all, I liked the presence of the new wireless Bluetooth 5.1 version.

The T12 is notable for some features such as a 13mm dynamic driver and good battery life. Therefore, I propose to start a full and in-depth review now.

QCY T12: Specifications

QCY T12:Specs
Impedance:32 ohms
Driver unit:13 mm driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.1
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:AAC and SBC
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:6h

Unboxing and packaging

Like most ultra-low-cost earbuds, the QCY T12 comes in the most common white packaging. At the same time, on the front, there is a drawing of the earbuds with the name of the model and company. But on the opposite side, that is, on the back of the box, there is a list of the main technical features.

QCY T12 Review: TWS Earbuds with Massive Bass for $20

As you may have noticed, all the features on the packaging are written in two languages ​​- Chinese and English. Therefore, from this, we can conclude that this is not an international version. But I will immediately note that I did not find any special differences between the global and Chinese versions.

But inside the package I found – this is a charging box with earbuds and a set of various documentation. The manufacturer did not even complete the charging cable in the box. This is most likely due to economic or environmental standards. Thus, let’s find out about the appearance and its main differences between its competitors.

Design, build quality, and materials used

I’ll start with the materials used, the new model of QCY T12 earbuds is made in only one color combination. As you might have guessed, this is the standard white color, like most TWS earbuds. The use of glossy plastic, on the other hand, doesn’t really impress me.

QCY T12 Review: TWS Earbuds with Massive Bass for $20

Yes, maybe I have become very picky about the quality of the material used. But I would like to see matte plastic here, not glossy. Although I understand what to expect from the $20 price tag. Therefore, it has what we have.

And the build quality caused me only positive emotions. For example, the earbuds were assembled very well and did not emit any extraneous sounds or squeaks. Also, the T12 headphone model received a metal mesh on the sound guide.

QCY T12 Review: TWS Earbuds with Massive Bass for $20

I would like to remind you that the last generation of QCY T8s had a ragged mesh and it is quite clogged with dust and debris. I hope that such moments will no longer be in the new generation of earbuds.

For the convenience of landing, I had no particular problems. Of course, these are semi in-ear earbuds and therefore you will definitely not have serious problems while wearing them. One T12 earbud weighs approximately 4.5 grams, and this weight is hardly felt in everyday use.

QCY T12 Review: TWS Earbuds with Massive Bass for $20

If you are planning to buy earbuds for sports, then clearly this model will not be the most suitable choice. Although I went to the gym with these earbuds a couple of times and they did not cause any particular problems for me. But you will definitely not be able to run with QCY T12 earbuds.

From the outside of the case, there is touch control and an LED indicator. But at the bottom of the leg, there is a two-pin connection for charging with a microphone hole.

Okay, now let’s talk about the charging box, which gave me double feelings. That is, as you can see from the pictures, the charging case does not have a hinged cover. Therefore, I can highlight both the positive and negative sides of this box.

For example, to remove the earbuds from the box, you do not need to open the lid and it is really convenient. But the downside I can note is that the earbuds can easily get lost and fall out of the box if you throw them into a backpack or bag.

Like the earbuds, the charging box is made of glossy white plastic. There is an LED indicator on the front of the box. Although during my use, I still did not figure out how to find out the exact capacity of the remaining battery charge. There is a Type-C charging connector at the bottom of the charging case.

Connection, latency, and touch control

As for the wireless connection, I was pleasantly surprised that the Bluetooth 5.1 version is used on the ultra-budget earbuds. Also on board, the QCY T12 has AAC and SBC audio codecs.

In terms of the quality of the transmitted signal, I did not find any major problems. At the same time, the signal from the smartphone and earbuds was always stable and did not have interruptions even at a distance of 10 meters.

In addition, the manufacturer says about the presence of a game mode function. This mode will make you feel comfortable playing games or watching movies.

QCY T12 Review: TWS Earbuds with Massive Bass for $20

For example, when the game mode was activated, the latency level was in the range of 200 to 300 ms. Yes, this is not the best indicator, but given its low cost, it was really good for me to play shooters, for example, in PUBG Mobile.

Now I want to give a little of your attention to touch controls. The QCY T12 uses almost the same controls as its predecessors.

  • Holding 1.5 seconds on the touch panel performs the function of switching tracks forward or backward.
  • Double-tapping leads to play, pause, accept or put a phone call.
  • A triple tap on the left channel calls up the voice assistant function, and on the right one activates the game mode.

If the first function is always constant, then the next two can be changed in the proprietary QCY application. That is, in the mobile application, you can change the function of the voice assistant to the function of increasing or decreasing the volume level.

Sound and microphone quality

A 13mm dynamic driver was installed inside each QCY T12 earbud. This is the standard driver size, as for its dimensions. But here I would like to note that the maximum volume is very good. So you don’t have to worry about this problem.

QCY T12 Review: TWS Earbuds with Massive Bass for $20

When it comes to playing, the bass does a pretty good job, as the T12 has a fairly voluminous and good bass. And yes, it is much stronger than the T8S generation of earbuds. Therefore, lovers of strong and dynamic bass will definitely like how the new model of earbuds from QCY plays.

QCY T12 Review: TWS Earbuds with Massive Bass for $20

If we talk about the mid and high frequencies, then they were slightly cramped. At first, I didn’t really like it. But after several hours of listening, I could not express much discomfort or disgust. Of course, as for their value, the T12 earbuds play very well. This is not some kind of peep, as you can sometimes find on the Internet.

QCY T12 Review: TWS Earbuds with Massive Bass for $20

Okay, now let’s find out how good or how bad the microphones sound. I have good news and bad news. So, in a quiet place, the microphones work very well. But when you are in a noisy place, the sound quality of the microphones drops dramatically.

Battery and run time

The manufacturer guarantees that the battery life on a full charge in the QCY T12 earbud model will be about 4 hours. But I was very surprised when I saw the figure of 6 hours of battery life on a full charge. This was a good surprise for me and I didn’t even expect such an unpredictable result.

QCY T12 Review: TWS Earbuds with Massive Bass for $20

I guess the battery life was so good thanks to the Bluetooth 5.1 wireless connection. But also do not forget that 13 mm dynamic drivers are installed inside the case.

But the charging time through the Type-C connection was about 2 hours of my time. Naturally, wireless charging is out of the question, since these are budget earbuds for $20.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

If you have been looking at real semi in-ear earbuds at a very low price for a long time, then perhaps the QCY T12 model will be a very good choice.

QCY T12 Review: TWS Earbuds with Massive Bass for $20

On the positive side, I can attribute it to a versatile and harmonious design that can suit almost any user. It is also worth noting the good build quality.

The touch controls remain the same as on other models of the QCY brand. In addition, I liked the way the earbuds sound, especially when it comes to deep and voluminous bass. I can also highlight the aspect of battery life.

QCY T12 Review: TWS Earbuds with Massive Bass for $20

But I will attribute to the disadvantages – this is not the best glossy plastic, and the mid and high frequencies do not play as well as, for example, the older brother QCY T8S.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Currently, the price tag for QCY T12 is very capable of surprising you, since the price of $21.94 with a 48% discount is not found at every turn.

Therefore, for me, the new model of earbuds from the QCY brand is very good, but I also want to draw attention to the previous generation T8S, which plays a little better at mid and high frequencies.


Competitor and Alternative

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