QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

After the successful release of the T11 hybrid wireless earbuds from the QCY company, the manufacturer decided to update the device model and, as you might have guessed from the name, today we will talk about the QCY T11S.

In this article, I will share with you my experience with the new TWS earbud model. I will also tell you about its main advantages and disadvantages. In addition, here you will find out my opinion on the comfort of fit and ergonomics, touch control, but of course, on the quality of sound and microphones.

As for the price tag, currently the cost of the QCY T11S device will cost you only $37. That being said, the first generation T11 cost about $30.


If the appearance and ergonomics of the new generation earbuds have remained the same, then the filling has changed, as the manufacturer QCY assures. For example, the new headphone model uses a modern chip called Qualcomm QCC3046 and support for APTX Adaptive. I think it will definitely affect the sound quality for the better.

I can also highlight such features as the presence of two drivers – this is one dynamic and one armature driver. The earbuds also received good battery life and the latest generation of wireless Bluetooth 5.2 version.

Well, given its low cost, I definitely liked the earbuds from the QCY brand at first glance. Therefore, I propose to start my detailed and in-depth test to find out how the TWS earbuds actually coped with the tasks in real life.

QCY T11S: Specifications

QCY T11S:Specs
Impedance:32 ohms
Driver unit:6 mm dynamic and armature driver
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.2
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol:aptX Adaptive, AAC and SBC
Battery:35(600) mAh
Charging Time:90min
Music Time:5h

Unboxing and packaging

The updated generation of QCY T11S earbuds received not only new functions and features, but also a redesigned packaging. Yes, this is a small box, which was made of rather thin cardboard, but it has become much brighter and more youthful.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

On the front, you can find a drawing of the earbuds themselves, the name of the model and company, as well as the main features and functions of the device.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

In the meantime, I was able to find a typical package inside the package. This is a charging box with earbuds, a set of additional ear tips, a Type-C charging cable, and instructions for use. In general, the equipment was very standard, and therefore I propose to move on to inspecting the appearance and comfort of the fit of the earbuds themselves.

Design, build quality and materials

To my great surprise, the new model of QCY T11S earbuds came in only one color – this is in white. Despite the fact that the last generation T11 was in black and white.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

In addition, the manufacturer QCY decided not to reinvent the wheel in a new way and produced earbuds with a completely similar design to the older generation of the device. For example, the charging case and earbuds were similar in design. Therefore, you can easily charge the T11S earbuds via the T11 charging case or vice versa.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

As for the quality of performance, it is not all that bad here. For example, the new generation T11S TWS earbuds were well built and did not emit any extraneous sounds or noises during my testing. But I have not found information on water protection, although I assume that it is available.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

Among the shortcomings, I can highlight the presence of glossy plastic on the outer part of the headphone case. At the same time, the inside of the device has already used matte plastic. It would be better if the manufacturer QCY made the earbuds entirely from matte plastic. Since on the glossy material, after my testing, it was possible to find small abrasions and micro scratches.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

But the comfort of landing was very good. For example, the QCY T11S headphone model weighed only 4 grams and it was a pleasure to wear such lightweight earbuds. But you should choose the right size of the ear tips so that your ears do not feel strong and fast fatigue. In my case, I removed the earbuds from the ear canal after 2 hours of continuous listening to music.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

On the outside of the headphone case, there is a touch control panel with a small LED indicator. At the same time, there was one microphone with charging contacts on the lower part of the leg, and another additional microphone was located above the sound guide.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

A small bonus in the updated model of QCY T11S earbuds is the presence of a proximity sensor for automatic pause. I want to remind you that there was no such feature in the last generation of T11 earbuds.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

Now let’s take a look at the charging box of the updated earbuds from QCY. It was also made of glossy white plastic, but the build quality did not disgust me too much. The lid opened without a strong backlash and all the gaps were in place.

On the front of the box, there is a three-level charge level indicator. At the same time, on the back of the device, there was a button for pairing or resetting settings. But the charging port itself was installed on the bottom of the case. Okay, now I propose to talk about connection quality and basic management functions.

Connection, delay, application and control

Also, minor changes in the updated version of the QCY T11S earbuds also affected the wireless connection. If in the previous generation of T11 Bluetooth 5.0 version was used, then in the new generation Bluetooth 5.2 version. In addition, the manufacturer installed a new Qualcomm QCC3046 chipset with APTX Adaptive support on board the earbuds.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

Naturally, this had a positive effect on both the sound quality and the signal quality in general. During my testing, I did not find any particular problems while using the earbuds with my smartphone. You can also listen to headphones, either one at a time or in pairs.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

In addition, on the T11S headphone model, it is possible to connect a mobile application called QCY. After pairing the headphones with a smartphone, you can easily adjust the sound quality, the equalizer operation, adjust the touch control settings and much more. The program is useful and I think it will definitely not be superfluous to install it for review.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

In terms of latency, QCY guarantees a game mode with a minimum latency of 65ms. But during my testing in the PUBG Mobile game, the latency was in the range of 100-150ms. That’s not much and I could comfortably play games with the T11S headphone model.

I also liked the work of the touch control, both in terms of response and functionality.

  • Double-clicking on the touch panel produces – play, pause, accept or reject a phone call.
  • Holding 1.5 seconds on any of the earbuds switches the track forward.
  • Triple tap on the left earbud activates the voice assistant function, and on the right, the game mode.
  • One touch on the right – increases the volume, and on the left – decreases the volume.

Sound and microphone quality

Each earbud uses a 6mm dynamic driver, which is responsible for low frequencies. Also in the QCY T11S earbud model, there is an armature driver for high-quality operation of mid and high frequencies.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

I was very surprised by the performance of these dual drivers, the sound quality was at a pretty good level, even though the device was not expensive.

For example, the low frequencies had a tight and decent amount of bass. At the same time, the bass played quite harmoniously and smoothed, it also did not go beyond its limits, that is, to the middle and high frequencies.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

In addition, the mids and highs had very good detail of the musical instruments and the vocalist’s voice. At the same time, during my testing, the earbuds did not emit extraneous and negative sounds even at the maximum volume value.

It is also worth mentioning that the volume headroom was enough to get your ears back. Therefore, I cannot recommend using earbuds at the maximum volume level. This will obviously damage your hearing.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

If we talk about the quality of the microphones, then I did not find any particular complaints. For example, in a quiet place, the interlocutors heard me clearly, but in noisy places my voice sounded a little muffled, although no extraneous noise was heard.

Battery and run time

Considering its powerful sound and good headroom, I was a little surprised that the QCY T11S earbuds lost 4 hours on a single charge. This is despite the fact that I conducted the battery life test at the maximum volume level.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

A 600 mAh battery was installed in the charging box, which is not a bad thing. Therefore, the total battery life using the charging box will take you about 32-35 hours.

I also liked the presence of the fast charging function. For example, for 10 minutes of charging the earbuds in the box, you will get about 50-60 minutes of listening to music. But a full charge of the earbuds took me about 1 hour, and the charging case itself was charged in 1.5 hours via a Type-C connection.

Conclusion, reviews, pros and cons

Without any doubt, I can recommend you the new generation of TWS earbuds from QCY. The T11S has received a number of emotionally positive sides and let me tell you a little more about them.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

First of all, I liked the fit and ergonomic design of the lightweight earbuds. Also, the device has support for the latest technologies – this is Bluetooth 5.2 version, multifunctional touch control, game mode and even an automatic pause sensor.

In addition, I can attribute to the pluses – this is the perfect sound thanks to hybrid driver technology and the presence of a Qualcomm QCC3046 chip with APTX Adaptive support.

QCY T11S Review: Perfect Sound in TWS Hybrid Earbuds

But there are also disadvantages, and perhaps the main one is the glossy plastic case, which, by the way, comes in only one color.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Yes, it is possible that the earbuds did not receive active noise canceling and transparency mode. But do not forget that the T11S model received a relatively low price tag.

For example, you can currently buy the new QCY T11S TWS earbuds at a low price of $37.55 with a 37% discount.


Alternative and competitors

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