Can you pre-order Microsofts upcoming top console “Project Scorpio”? A now released product page in the company’s online shop gives this impression. But appearances are deceptive.
Project Scorpio: Microsoft releases product page
In the US online shop of Microsoft is a new base to the upcoming Xbox console “Project Scorpio” dipped. Anyone who types the console code name into the online shop’s search will land directly on the website whose title promises great. “Pre-Order Project Scorpio” is here: “Project Scorpio pre-order”. In fact, you cannot put the console in the shopping cart, but just leave your e-mail address with a click on “Email me when available”.

If you enter your e-mail address here, you do not have to make a console binding. A lot more is how you register for a newsletter service that notifies you as soon as Project Scorpio is available in the Microsoft Store. According to Microsoft, this is the earliest Christmas 2017 the case.
New information about the console is not available on the website. Microsoft is only re-defining Project Scorpio as the most powerful game console of all time and promises compatibility with all Xbox One games and the Xbox One accessory.

More details about the price and release of the next Microsoft console will be available in summer. The company from Redmond has announced a press conference in Los Angeles for June 11th. Here, Microsoft wants to unveil its new console at the E3 games fair.

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