Judging by the information coming from the retailers, the pre-order Xiaomi Mi6 now literally beats all records. The manufacturer does not cope with the fallen volume of orders. It is known that the total number of applications has already exceeded two million.

Pre-order Xiaomi Mi6 beats all records, demand exceeds supply

In such an overwhelming demand, there is nothing surprising: the Xiaomi Mi6 now has not virtually competitors. Samsung Galaxy S8 goes in a completely different price category, and the rest of the manufacturers do not hurry at all with the launch of top-end smartphones by 2017 standards.

Pre-order Xiaomi Mi6 beats all records

It should be noted that most sellers have a new flagship Xiaomi worth $ 30 to $ 100 more expensive than the official price tag. Say, on AliExpress the average cost of the Mi6 with 64GB of internal memory is about 500 dollars, and for “ceramics” can ask for up to 750.
It is worth noting that some of the sellers are now clearly cheating, picking up a larger number of orders for a pre-order than able to process. Moreover, the manufacturer is not sure that he can release the right amount of Xiaomi Mi6 in time.
Samsung still has priority when ordering chipsets Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, so that the Chinese now may simply not have enough components. Another percentage should be reserved for Sony and its Xperia XZ Premium.
In general, with a similar situation, the smartphone market faces for the first time, and this test is not only for Xiaomi, but also for other manufacturers. Temporarily from the race of flagships came LG, and HTC, Meizu and LeEco generally do not hurry with the release of new top products.
However, if the company will manage to satisfy the flow of orders for pre-order Xiaomi Mi6, then it will raise it to a new level. And the rest of the Chinese (and not only) vendors will need to think specifically about their development strategy.

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