Poll: Do you like Old or New Android Emojis Better?

Bye bye Blobs! Google presents with Android O new Emojis. Round, more 3D, less blobbing. What do you think about new Android Emojis? Take part in our survey.

The current Emojis of Android were criticized since Android KitKat time and again – or it was just funny made. The rather unconventional Emojis may soon be on the digital cemetery. With the second developer preview of Android O, which was presented on the Google I / O, new Emojis come into play.

Conventional, cross-platform

Poll: Do you like Old or New Android Emojis Better?

With the new graphics, Google leaves the dejected path and adapts more to the competition. A unification with Facebook and iOS is probably the goal of the new Emojis. They are significantly rounder, have a 90s 3D effect and do not look like what Google has sold to us as Emojis.

A harmonization will also lead to the fact that Emojis will no longer be represented in a different way in the future depending on the device. Some of the symbols look so different that they do not trigger the intended emotion at the user, but in the worst case even effect the opposite. One example is the Grimassen-Emoji, which is much more aggressive at Google than at Apple and Samsung. The difference is so great that even at emojipedia.org warning is warned: “Appearance differs greatly cross-platform. Use with caution.”

The Emojis look like this in a direct comparison. To the left the old, to the right the new one:

Poll: Do you like Old or New Android Emojis Better?

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