Outstanding: Is ZUK Mobile closed?

ZUK Mobile behaves towards Lenovo like Honor to Huawei. Lenovo has created a very successful sub-brand with ZUK, which was not the least of the enthusiasm for the ZUK Edge. Well-equipped smartphones at attractive prices, Lenovo has succeeded with ZUK.

Why is ZUK Mobile closed?

Outstanding: Is ZUK Mobile closed?

But now, according to a rumor from China, everything will be over. ZUK should be closed. This news comes from a Weibo user and was confirmed in the form of a reply to the post by an analyst. Thus, ZUK will be the victim of the full integration of the Lenovo smartphone business into the Moto brand.

So, rumors just make the round through numerous blogs. What is however obviously overlooked: There is currently no statement of Lenovo or ZUK to do so. Accordingly, the rumor must continue to be viewed as a rumor.

Outstanding: Is ZUK Mobile closed?

The reason for the hope is that ZUK has recently worked on a new smartphone, the ZUK Edge II Special Edition. There are rumors still to be mentioned, according to which it is planned to deliver all Lenovo smartphones in China future with the ZUK UI.

We have already contacted ZUK and are waiting for a statement. As soon as we have this, we will update this post.

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