Oukitel C18 Pro Review: Perfect Design, But With Nuances

A budget smartphone from Oukitel came to my review and it came to me for quite a long time due to the cause of the coronavirus. This is a new smartphone model called Oukitel C18 Pro.

The main feature of this device is a modern and stylish appearance. But in a detailed review, I will talk about the main pros and cons, and most importantly whether it is worth buying and for what purpose it is suitable.

The cost of the Oukitel C18 Pro will cost you about $130 and the price is very interesting for a budget smartphone.


Let’s walk through the main specs – this is a large 6.55-inch screen, a Mediatek Helio P25 processor, quad cameras, a modern and stylish design, and a large 4000 mAh battery capacity.

Based on the technical characteristics, the smartphone looks pretty interesting, but is everything so good to use in real life? Therefore, I will begin my review by unpacking and continue with the appearance.

Oukitel C18 Pro: Specifications

Oukitel C18 Pro:Specs
Display:6.55 inches IPS with 1600 x 720 pixels
CPU:Mediatek Helio P25 Octa Core 2.3 GHz
GPU:ARM Mali T880 MP2
Internal memory:64GB
Memory extension:up to 256GB
Cameras:16MP + 8MP + 5MP + 2MP main camera and 8MP front camera
Connectivity:Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual-band,3G, 4G, Bluetooth 5.0 and GPS
OS:Android 9
Weight:198 grams
Dimensions:163.3 x 75.3 x 8.3 mm


A typical bright orange box came to me from Oukitel. On the front and on the side faces there is only the inscription of the company. But on the reverse side, there is a list of technical specifications.

Oukitel C18 Pro Review: Perfect Design, But With Nuances

Inside the box, I found components such as the smartphone itself in a protective plastic bag and put on a silicone case. I also found an envelope with instructions, an adapter for 10 watts of power, a Type-C cable, and a needle for a SIM tray.

In general, as for a budget smartphone, there is everything you need for full use, including a protective silicone case. But here the power adapter is of rather weak power, so I assume that charging will take a long time, but I will talk about this a little later.


Again, I really liked the look of the Oukitel C18 Pro. It received modern and stylish design solutions that are characteristic of more expensive and even flagship smartphones.

Oukitel C18 Pro Review: Perfect Design, But With Nuances

I want to start my introduction from the front, as it uses a large 6.55-inch screen with a resolution of HD or 1600 x 720 pixels. As for graininess, it is a little present.

Although, if we talk about color saturation and image contrast, the screen looks very solid. I can say with confidence that the brightness on the screen is enough and even in bright sunny weather there will be no problems with readability.

Oukitel C18 Pro Review: Perfect Design, But With Nuances

As for the frames around the screen, they are very small, but the lower part has a small chin, but not significant, as for an inexpensive smartphone.

Another feature of the front of the Oukitel C18 Pro smartphone is around hole-punch for the front camera. It is located in the upper left corner and looks quite modern than the waterdrop notch of most ordinary smartphones.

Oukitel C18 Pro Review: Perfect Design, But With Nuances

On the reverse side, I can mention a quad-camera with an LED flash and a fingerprint scanner. As you can guess, such design uses the latest line of smartphones from Xiaomi, namely Redmi Note.

Oukitel C18 Pro Review: Perfect Design, But With Nuances

I would also like to note that the main camera module practically does not stick out, and as for a budget smartphone – this is pretty good. Thus, even without a protective cover, the camera will not break. But of course, I do not advise doing this and it is better to always use a protective case so that your smartphone lasts longer.

You can ask me, is the back panel of the Oukitel C18 Pro made of glass? I want to disappoint you or may make some happy – the frame and rear panel are made of glossy plastic. The manufacturer offers two colors – it is blue and black, both colors look good.

Oukitel C18 Pro Review: Perfect Design, But With Nuances

At the bottom of the smartphone are ports such as Type-C, 3.5 mm audio jack, main speaker, and microphone. The speaker quality is not the best, and I would like the volume level louder.

On the right side, there is a power button and a volume rocker. On the opposite side, a slot for dual nano-SIM cards and a memory card was installed.

Oukitel C18 Pro Review: Perfect Design, But With Nuances

As I said, I really liked the look of the Oukitel C18 Pro smartphone. It lies well in the hand, thanks to its dimensions – 163.3 x 75.3 x 8.3 mm and a weight of 198 grams. Let’s say that the new smartphone from Oukitel does not have problems with the design, but as for the technical stuffing, let’s check it now.

Performance and Software

It is absolutely not surprising to me that inexpensive smartphones use a processor from Mediatek in their combination. But the Oukitel C18 Pro smartphone received a rather outdated model of the Helio P25 processor.

Oukitel C18 Pro Review: Perfect Design, But With Nuances

This chipset was introduced back in 2017 and is still used by high popularity. In its execution, it has eight cores ARM Cortex-A53 CPU with a maximum frequency of 2.3 GHz.

Also, this processor is paired with an ARM Mali T880 MP2 graphics accelerator. If you play light games, then you will not have problems. But something heavier, for example, Asphalt 9 – then it did not start for me, and PUBG Mobile can be played on the minimum graphics settings.

Oukitel C18 Pro received 4 GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. You can also use the slot for a memory card.

Of course, below I will leave the benchmarks tests Oukitel C18 Pro, where you can analyze the results yourself.

As for the software, everything is pretty sad here. The device received a global version of the OS but uses the Android 9 version. I would like to see version 10 of the OS since most even cheaper smartphones from Elephone, Umidigi, and other brands have long received Android 10.

Oukitel C18 Pro Review: Perfect Design, But With Nuances

As many of you know, Oukitel is the kind of manufacturer that rarely releases any updates. Therefore, expecting to get Android 10 is very rare.

Also, the user interface is not clean and has its own icons and their own style. Many may like it, but not me. Despite this, I did not find any delays in use in everyday tasks. Each page-turning is rather smooth and without delays.

Oukitel C18 Pro Review: Perfect Design, But With Nuances

I can note that the Oukitel C18 Pro smartphone has two types of user data protection. This is a fingerprint and face recognition scanner. Both methods work pretty quickly, but this is during daylight hours if we talk about face recognition.


The rear camera module of the Oukitel C18 Pro uses four sensors, where the main module is with a 16-megapixel resolution with f/2.0 aperture. It takes good photos when it comes to good lighting.

Oukitel C18 Pro Review: Perfect Design, But With Nuances

The second module uses an 8-megapixel sensor and is designed for ultra-wide shots at 120 degrees. The quality of the photos is pretty good and I was completely satisfied with the work. For example, the colors are quite bright and without a strong blur on the edges.

The third and fourth modules have 5 and 2-megapixel resolution for macro and bokeh modes, respectively. Here I also do not have strong comments and each sensor works well.

But the video will be a disappointment since the maximum resolution is only 720p. Also, video recording does not have any stabilization. Below I will leave an album with sample photos of the Oukitel C18 Pro as usual.


Many Chinese manufacturers sometimes overcharge their battery, as Oukitel did with the C18 Pro.

Oukitel C18 Pro Review: Perfect Design, But With Nuances

The manufacturer claims a capacity of 4000 mAh, but after my test of charging through the tester, the battery capacity was only 3750 mAh. Therefore, great battery life from a smartphone should not be expected. Yes, the device will quietly work a full one day with an average load, but more should not be expected.

Full charge time was through a Type-C port and an adapter with a power of only 10 watts – about 3 hours.

Conclusion and Reviews

Oukitel C18 Pro is a good smartphone if we talk about the appearance and design, but if you dive a little deeper, then the smartphone has some nuances.

Oukitel C18 Pro Review: Perfect Design, But With Nuances

Yes, the device runs on an old processor, but the test results are pretty good. Also, the user interface uses Android 9 OS, not Android 10. Another disadvantage I can attribute is not the appropriate battery capacity, which differs, albeit slightly, but by 250 mAh from the actual figure.

It’s good that the main camera got all the real sensors. I really liked the quality of the photos in the daytime, both on the main and the ultra-wide modules.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Currently, the price tag for the Oukitel C18 Pro is $133.11 with a 22% discount.

Of course, I can not advise a smartphone to purchase, since it has a large number of disadvantages. But if you like the look and design, then you definitely like the smartphone. Below I will leave a list of the main competitors that will be better than the C18 Pro.


Competitors and Alternative

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