OnePlus Lies About Optical Zoom In OnePlus 5 Camera

Maybe two days after releasing the OnePlus 5, are one of the most stressful for the people of OnePlus, but also very comforting, to see that your device is causing a sensation in the market. The company has left us with one of the best devices of the moment, which is not without controversy. Since its launch, we have seen many similarities with devices like the iPhone 7 Plus, but also a controversy with the false data in the benchmarks. Today it is necessary to speak of the OnePlus 5 camera, although not for good.

Everything in the OnePlus 5 is taken care of in detail, as much the design, as the camera or the screen, but today we have known a detail about its camera that leaves us distrust some of the rest of specifications. The company has made a good marketing campaign to its double camera, telling us that it has an x2 zoom very similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. This zoom allows us to zoom in without losing the picture as if we had a professional camera lens.

The OnePlus 5 camera does not have a 2x optical zoom

OnePlus Lies About Optical Zoom In OnePlus 5 Camera

Thanks to a Reddit user we can know that OnePlus has lied to us with the camera of his new device. It really does not have a 2x optical zoom, but its dual camera only achieves an optical zoom of x1.33. This is much less than x2, although the camera application clearly lets us zoom in up to twice as much, instead of up to 1.33 times, as it should show.

After this is uncovered, the company has reported that the zoom is x2, although not entirely optical, since from x1.33 to x2, a software zoom is added. According to OnePlus, it is an x2 without loss of quality, although it is difficult to know at 100%. Whenever there is digital zoom in, quality is lost, although the company has made it clear that they have worked hard in not doing so.

OnePlus Lies About Optical Zoom In OnePlus 5 Camera

This does not leave the OnePlus 5 camera down, as it remains one of the best, but it is curious to see how the company thought to overlook it until someone realized it.

Source: Reddit


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