OnePlus 5 Specifications and Features appear on AnTuTu

Oneplus 5 Black concept several months ago we talked about the OnePlus 5. It is one of the most anticipated devices of the year, as it will feature high-end specifications at a really low price. Years ago, we saw how the company was able to launch the complete device, with a very successful design and features that even surpassed devices double the price. This year will be for less, and thanks to AnTuTu, we can see the new OnePlus 5 specifications.

The terminal has been leaked several times, although we can say that it is one of the less filtered high-end of this year. What we have been able to see on several occasions are renders and concepts of all kinds, where the OnePlus 5 has a double screen or a camera with two sensors. Today we will not talk about the design, but the specifications of the terminal.

AnTuTu filters OnePlus 5 specifications

OnePlus 5 Specifications and Features appear on AnTuTu

On occasion, we have been able to see spec sheets for the OnePlus 5, although AnTuTu is one of the most reliable sources we have at the moment. Apparently, the terminal has passed the benchmark, leaving some specification.

According to AnTuTu, we will see a powerful device, as it has confirmed that the Snapdragon 835 will be inside. In addition, we can see 6 GB of RAM and a storage of 64 GB. We can not rule out that the company launches a version with 8 GB of RAM, although this every day has less force. The GPU will be an Adreno 540, so you can go through it all the games that are currently on Google Play.

OnePlus 5 Specifications and Features appear on AnTuTu

We do not know the size of the screen, but its resolution. One more year, OnePlus has opted to include a FullHD panel in its device. We know it is enough for day to day, although it can be a little cut when you use a virtual reality glasses. This decision is sure to be taken to contain the final device price.

In the camera section, we see a 16 MP + 16 MP. This may mean that there will be a double 16-megapixel camera, or that the front camera will also be 16 megapixels. All the rumors point to double camera, as well as some leakage, although it will have to wait some weeks to confirm it.

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