OnePlus 5 screen will be very similar to iPhone 7 Plus

Tomorrow is presented the OnePlus 5, one of the most important phones of the year. We’ve been talking about him for months, as well as his leaks and rumors. Throughout the weeks we have been able to see dozens of concepts, real images, rumors and confirmations by the company. At the moment we have a great idea of what will be presented tomorrow, and we only have to know the internal details of the device that have not yet filtered. Today we have one of these details, which has to do with the OnePlus 5 screen, one of the most controversial sections of all OnePlus.

From the first OnePlus that came to the market, we saw how the screen was a hot spot, with problems to a lesser or greater extent. In the OnePlus One, we saw serious problems with the famous yellow tone, as well as in tactility. The OnePlus 2 improved, but together with the OnePlus 3, we saw a screen with a quality slightly below the high range. Now it seems that all this will stop being a problem since OnePlus wants his new device to have one of the best screens on the market.

The of OnePlus 5 screen and iPhone 7 Plus are very similar

OnePlus 5 screen will be very similar to iPhone 7 Plus

For many years, one of the best screens on the market has always been the Apple iPhone. This can not be said for its resolution, which is one of the lowest in the high range, but for the quality of the colors and technologies implemented. Everyone who has had an Apple screen knows that their colors are very good, and it is difficult to see a similar screen in the high-end Android. Much less with the resolutions contemplated by Apple.

Today we have good news for all those who are thinking about buying the OnePlus 5 since the company has just confirmed that the screen of the new terminal will have the same range of colors as the Apple iPhone 7. This standard is the DCI-P3, which in general, we can say that shows a number of colors wider than the common sRGB. The iPhone 7 supports this technology, and now the OnePlus 5 will also.

OnePlus 5 screen will be very similar to iPhone 7 Plus

If we add that the iPhone 7 Plus has the same resolution and size as the screen of the OnePlus 5, we can think that its image quality will be very similar. There are still many factors to be determined on the screen of the new terminal, but now everything looks much better for the company.

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