OnePlus 5 in five key points: this is new bet for high range

After a multitude of rumors and more or less controlled leaks, the day has arrived that the new terminal of the boys of OnePlus has become official. Leaving the number four, due to the selective tetraphobia of the Chinese manufacturers, the OnePlus 5 has been born and becomes a new alternative to the classic high ranges that dominate the market.

As in previous generations, OnePlus is committed to endowing its flagship with the characteristics that adorn part of its competition but with an even more competitive price, although a price that will not change with the passage of the months. But let’s not anticipate events, let’s see what characteristics we need to know about OnePlus 5 to understand its position in the current mobile phone ecosystem. What makes it special?

The double lens arrives at OnePlus

OnePlus 5 in five key points: this is new bet for high range

Something more than a temporary trend, the smartphone market has been adding more and more models to the new way of understanding mobile photography. Double lenses are here to stay and sometimes even appear on the front of the phones. OnePlus adds its OnePlus 5 to this group of telephones, more and more, and it does it by opting for the optical zoom.

The camera kit mounted by OnePlus on the OnePlus 5 consists of a pair of sensors signed by Sony. The first, a 16-megapixel IMX398 with aperture f / 1.7, which acts as the main camera, and the second a 20 megapixel IMX350 telephoto lens with f / 2.6 aperture. Together they form a unique system that, as already known and used by the iPhone 7 Plus, allows to change from one lens to another to obtain zoom without extensions by software.

Double camera on the OnePlus 5

The OnePlus bet for the double camera is not novel but really powerful, with a 16 and 20 megapixel set for blur and zoom

OnePlus 5 in five key points: this is new bet for high range

In addition, from OnePlus use the lens kit to take pictures with a depth reading. A system commonly known as bokeh and allows blurring of the background with respect to the foreground. Apple is known as portrait mode, but basically, it is the same principle that OnePlus has come, after other manufacturers who have gone the same way.

Thus, the OnePlus 5 can take pictures with a very precise blur of the background and, when the time comes, take normal enlarged photographs. The idea does not go too far with one of the trends of use of these double lenses and, according to the evidence shown, seems to obtain quality results. The system will have to be tested at the moment.

The cheapest Snapdragon 835

OnePlus 5 in five key points: this is new bet for high range

Every year, Qualcomm introduces a chip destined to lead the high end of the market until receiving a new replacement. The bet for 2017 has been the Snapdragon 835, reason for controversies since the first day because of its scarce availability, which has caused it to become the object of desire of many manufacturers. The OnePlus 5 mounts this processor.

Thus, the latest OnePlus model obtains among other things an X16 data modem that allows download speeds up to 1Gbps (although limited to 600Mbps in this OnePlus 5) or support for Bluetooth 5.0, the latest version of the standard of connections Wireless. But at the same time, the OnePlus 5 becomes the most economical phone with Snapdragon 835 on the market. Bypassing the Xiaomi Mi 6 that is not sold away from China.

The obsession with “arriving the first” with the Snapdragon 835 was such that there were presentations in February that have not yet hit the market

Probably this will change within not too long as all your competition plays with prices, and we will soon have some of the models presented so far with that chip below the price of the OnePlus 5 but now, right now, the OnePlus 5 becomes the most powerful and economical phone of the moment. The version with 64GB of memory will reach 499 euros and will rise to 559 euros to offer 128GB of storage.

Moving away from 2K, betting on consumption

A characteristic common to the high ranges of the last years is its bet by the 2K in the screens. This year we have even exceeded that resolution because both Samsung and LG have opted to stretch their screens to ratios of 2: 1 or higher, and all have grown to beyond 550 pixels per inch.

OnePlus has decided to stay below and its 5.5-inch AMOLED screen has stopped at FullHD resolution. That means it has 1,920 x 1,080 pixels resolution, and it offers 400 pixels per inch. A figure more than enough to obtain a good resolution but also to bet on the autonomy of the battery.

OnePlus 5 in five key points: this is new bet for high range

If you think the FullHD resolution is more than enough for a 5.5-inch mobile, welcome

With 3,300 mAh of battery with fast charge, the OnePlus 5 will save energy not growing until the resolution 2K and therefore its autonomy must be taken into account in comparison with the one of its competition. For those of us who do not believe that the difference in mobile phones is appreciated once they exceed 400 pixels per inch, the news of the OnePlus 5 figures is good.

This feature may be widespread today, but phones with a built-in fingerprint reader are still on the market but do not have the NFC chip required to interact with a contactless payment system. The OnePlus 5 will not have that problem and it comes with both systems.

That means that we can choose the payment system that suits us, apart from the “owners” of Samsung, LG, and company, and depend on the availability of Android Pay depending on our country. However, any banking application that allows mobile payments will work seamlessly on the OnePlus 5 and we will have full access to pay via mobile phone.

What better way to check what kind of terminal is the OnePlus 5 than showing a list with your specifications. So we can check if your purchase is worth it, noting the competition that the market already offers us, and helping us to decide in the case of a future purchase. These are the specifications of the new OnePlus 5.

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