OnePlus 5 in first review: New flagship killer on iPhone level?

The computing power of a Galaxy S or iPhone for under 500 euros, so far the smartphones offered by OnePlus. But this is no longer enough for the Chinese company. OnePlus wants to offer the established smartphone manufacturers not only in matters of performance but also in the subject of photography and therefore equips its new top smartphone OnePlus 5 with a dual camera. Do you take pictures on iPhone level? A first test.

Before the launch of the OnePlus 5, the rumors surged. The Chinese manufacturer should plan a massive price increase and penetrate into similar spheres as Apple or Samsung. So with high-end hardware at dumping prices? Not at all. The OnePlus 5 still costs several hundred euros less than the competition – at least in the basic version. However, OnePlus wants to emulate Apple and Samsung but in other respects – namely, the topic “Camera”. But more about this later, let’s take a look at the new flagship killer.

OnePlus 5 in first review: New flagship killer on iPhone level?

OnePlus follows the current trend with the OnePlus 3T successor and tries to make the 5.5-inch smartphone more handy with a design trick. The OnePlus 5 is narrower than its predecessor, but the housing has grown in height. The screen format remains unchanged at 16: 9. Samsung and LG, on the other hand, are using their new top-of-the-line models in an 18: 9 format. As compact as the LG G6 or the Galaxy S8, the OnePlus 5 is not. Our first impression is that the smartphone is even less comfortable in the hand than the OnePlus 3T.

OnePlus 5 in first review: New flagship killer on iPhone level?

This is due to the slippery cover and the sharp edges of the smartphone. To which we have to get used. In terms of “design” the OnePlus 5 lags behind afterward. In the run-up, an edge screen or at least a nearly frameless display had been speculated, but these rumors were a duck. In fact, the edges around the screen are only slightly narrower than in the iPhone 7 Plus.

OnePlus 5 in pictures

OnePlus 5 in first review: New flagship killer on iPhone level?

Not just in this point reminds the new OnePlus to the Apple smartphone. The shape and position of the cameras and the LED flash exactly match the iPhone, the antenna strip has OnePlus like Apple from the back in the frame. However, OnePlus 5 does not have any IP certification in some respects. Nevertheless, the OnePlus 5 should be able to withstand contact with water as a rule without damage. Phone calls in the rain or a tilted glass of water are no problem, explained the manufacturer at the edge of the launch event. Corresponding scenarios are tested by OnePlus during the development – even up to ten seconds under water is supposed to exceed the smartphone. However, OnePlus deliberately waives this certification. The reason: it offers the user no significant advantages over the current procedure. Finally, waterproof smartphones from other manufacturers are not covered by the warranty.

OnePlus 5 in first review: New flagship killer on iPhone level?

Unlike the iPhone 7, the OnePlus 5 still has a jack connector. This does not mean that OnePlus has given up a piece of its identity. After all, the Chinese manufacturer had always appeared with its own design language in recent years and had thus provided for a change in the sea of ever-increasing iPhone copies. After all, the appearance can be modified with various covers. The covers give the new OnePlus a bamboo back or bring back the good old sandstone cover. Despite all similarity: iPhone 7 Plus covers, unfortunately, do not fit on the OnePlus 5, but this is too narrow.

OnePlus 5 in first review: New flagship killer on iPhone level?

The OnePlus 5 is available in the colors “Midnight black” (black) and “Slate Gray” (gray). The color is thereby not only taste but also has an effect on the equipment. The gray model offers only 6 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage. In the black model, on the other hand, 8 gigabytes of memory are installed, and you have 128 gigabytes of space for music, movies, and apps. However, the memory can not be expanded later. So if you want to shoot many photos it is recommended to go to the “Midnight Black” model. Speaking of photos. We have already indicated it, with the OnePlus 5 the focus is on the topic “Camera”.

Photos on iPhone level?

OnePlus 5 in first review: New flagship killer on iPhone level?

On the back, the OnePlus 5 now has a dual camera. This was announced by the Chinese manufacturer in the run-up to the launch of his new top smartphone with the slogan “OnePlus 5 – Dual Camera. Clearer Photos”.

OnePlus 5 in first review: New flagship killer on iPhone level?

The dual camera is similar in construction to the iPhone 7 Plus. So the OnePlus 5 like the iPhone has an additional Telecine. The resolution of the two lenses with 20 and 16 megapixels, however, is significantly higher than the Apple smartphone. Unfortunately, you do not need an optical image stabilizer.

OnePlus 5 in first review: New flagship killer on iPhone level?

Not just the design resembles the Apple camera – even the features are similar. This way, you should be able to lift the face from the background with a blur effect (bokeh) in portraits and zoom in on objects up to twice without losses. In addition, OnePlus promises less noise when shooting in the dark or twilight.

Camera samples OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 in first review: New flagship killer on iPhone level?

Does the camera keep what it promises? After a first visual inspection on the smartphone screen, we say, “Yes!” Compared to the OnePlus 3T, the colors look much more vivid – without over-emphasizing and in the dark and dusk the noise suppression attacks inconspicuously but definitely.

OnePlus 5 in first review: New flagship killer on iPhone level?

You should zoom in this case but not because then the dual camera reaches its limits and clear artifacts are recognizable. In daylight, however, you get reliable objects closer, without a loss of quality on the display of the smartphone.

OnePlus 5 in first review: New flagship killer on iPhone level?

The portrait mode exposes your face as far as possible from the background, but the bokeh effect is hardly noticeable. Here OnePlus could have mixed a bit more blur into the algorithm. On the Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7 Plus, the quality of the pictures of the OnePlus 5 does not quite approach, the distance to Samsung and Apple has become much smaller in camera. And this should be enough for most users. You can get a first impression of the camera of the OnePlus 5 in the media gallery.

OnePlus 5: Equipment

What has the OnePlus 5 apart from the dual camera to offer? The heart of the OnePlus 5 is Qualcomm’s Octa-Core processor Snapdragon 835. It clocks at 2.4 gigahertz. The chip works among other things also in the HTC U11 as well as in the US version of the Galaxy S8. In the benchmark test, the Qualcomm processor remains behind the iPhone 7, but its performance has been beyond doubt in the competition products so far and in the short test of the OnePlus 5 it does not indicate that it could be different this time. The smartphone responds to input without noticeable delay. The camera is ready within a millisecond of use. Ruckler or hanger we could not determine during the short try.

In recent years, OnePlus has also been able to squeeze one-two percent more out of the new Snapdragon chip by optimizing its later launch of its top smartphone. This is likely to be the case again in 2017. Only a detailed test can, however, clarify how significantly the compared to the competition double the working memory.

For discussions, the OnePlus 5 but again the screen. If the OnePlus 3 with its color presentation in the headlines, the successor the dissolution of the minds will heat up. Unlike the competition, OnePlus does not rely on a QHD screen. “The screen still resolves only in Full HD,” critics will say, “Thank God, OnePlus continues to Full HD,” the advocates cheer. Our opinion: Well, that OnePlus blocked the Pixelwahn, QHD brings the user no significant advantages – not even in terms of VR. It remains to be seen whether the lower resolution is also noticeable in the case of the battery life.

Further differences to Galaxy S8 and Co show up then only on the second side of the datasheet. The USB C port of the OnePlus 5 transmits maximum data with USB 2.0 instead of USB 3.1 speed and the European navigation system Galileo is not supported. Bearable. With WLAN ac and Bluetooth 5.0 are the most important new radio standards on board. In addition, the OnePlus 5 now supports more than twice as many LTE frequencies. The smartphone can spark on a rich 34 tapes, the predecessor supported just a handful of it. Separate variants for the USA, Europe, and Asia are no longer available.

Android on Oxygen: OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 in first review: New flagship killer on iPhone level?

As an operating system, Android 7.1 – the current can not be present. An update to Android O is also guaranteed, which confirmed us OnePlus at the launch event in Berlin. Only the security patches OnePlus still need to refill. The OnePlus 5 with the May update is delivered. However, the company is likely to provide the June security patch relatively quickly. Already at the OnePlus 3 (T), the Chinese manufacturer shown in the first months after release with regular patches.

OnePlus 5 in first review: New flagship killer on iPhone level?

OnePlus does not rely on pure Android, but the Google OS has its own user interface called Oxygen OS overstretched. This provides some useful extensions – such as Reader mode. In this, the smartphone mimics virtually an E-INK screen and even very well. Anyone who reads a lot on the smartphone will love this mode. It is possible with this to increase the recharge time of the smartphone significantly. We will clarify this in the detailed test.

OnePlus 5: Price and availability

The OnePlus 5 can now be pre-ordered in the online shop of the Chinese manufacturer. The official market launch is however only the 27th of June. The prices start at 499 euros (64 gigabytes), for the top model with 128 gigabytes of memory and 8 gigabytes of RAM will be 559 euros. Other providers are already listing the OnePlus 5. However, the smartphone here is partly significantly more expensive.

Anyone who wants to try the OnePlus 5 before buying can do so in one of over ten pop-up stores, which the manufacturer opens worldwide by the end of June. An Invite is not necessary to purchase the OnePlus 5.

Better camera, more LTE frequencies: OnePlus has the main critics of the predecessor trimmed. The price/performance ratio is right again. So you should click “Pre-Order” in the OnePlus-Shop.

OnePlus 5: Alternatives

For better classification and comparison, we have deposited the following alternatives to OnePlus 5.

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