OnePlus 5 gets off on its first Durability or Scratch Test!

Yesterday the OnePlus 5 finally appeared, confirming many of the rumors that had emerged weeks earlier, such as its design or a version with 8 GB of RAM. There were so many things that were known before that really what was revealed yesterday was not too surprising.

But as usually happens with the most interesting mobiles that are coming out throughout the year, you can not miss your resistance test to test if it is a really hard phone or better to protect it with all kinds of covers. Among all the tests that have been carried out on a large number of smartphones, it can be said that the OnePlus 5 has come out well.

As always, JerryRigEverthing’s YouTube channel tests begin by testing the scratch resistance on the screen, and in this aspect, it is in the middle with its Gorilla Glass 5 protection. As for the back, with a Cutter is not difficult to leave the mark (especially if we speak of the terminal in black color).

However, he also tried to rub it with a key and a coin (objects that can be stumbled in the pocket) and, although it leaves a considerable mark, can be eliminated simply by passing the finger, so in day to day there will be no Takers for the aluminum of your back. When the test burned the screen, it took more than 30 seconds to start to see signs of burn, but then did not recover (something typical of the AMOLED).

The video ends with the typical ‘bend test’ and although at first, it gives us the feeling that it is going to double what is not written and we see how part of the screen leaves the frame slightly, then nothing happened, showing Which is very difficult to bend. In conclusion, the OnePlus 5 has come out of this session of torture to reassure those who venture to buy it.

Source: JerryRigEverything


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