OnePlus 5 cameras will be better thanks to collaboration with DxO

OnePlus has a few months making its way with the imminent arrival of its new smartphone. In fact, practically since the beginning of the year, we have had rumors about this smartphone. Likewise, these last weeks have increased the rumors of all type of this smartphone. After all these rumors and leaks, today we have a new positive news. According to the official forum of OnePlus, in the OnePlus 5 cameras, we will find more of a surprise.

From a bizarre design, impressive specifications to a theory of a possible high price. These have been some of the rumors leaked about this smartphone, but the reality is that the official confirmation of imminent improvement in the camera of the OnePlus 5 is by far the best we know to date.

Dxo will work with OnePlus on the OnePlus 5 cameras

OnePlus 5 cameras will be better thanks to collaboration with DxO

In this way, as explained in an entry in the official forum, the cameras of smartphones have reached a point where it is virtually impossible to improve them anymore. So good is the level that has reached that many professionals have been passed to the best cameras in the Android world. Therefore, as they say, at this point it is best to get a good collaboration to go one step further with each new smartphone.

Therefore, from OnePlus we are announced that they will work side by side with the DxO team to develop better cameras. For those who do not know them, the DxO team is one of the most recognized in testing the cameras to the smartphone in DxoMark. Etienne Knauer, a Dxo executive said they are proud to help Oneplus.

OnePlus 5 cameras will be better thanks to collaboration with DxO

Finally, in this same article, we confirm that they have been working and that the camera of the OnePlus 5 will be developed to get the best results so far on a smartphone. Hopefully, this collaboration will come to fruition and the price of the OnePlus 5 will not be greatly affected.

Source: Oneplus


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