OnePlus 5: 3T successor shows up on first photo with dual camera

On the net is a first picture of the OnePlus 5. The photo reveals with the dual camera on the back not only a new feature but also interprets a new design for the OnePlus 3T successor.

Do we see the OnePlus 5? The India Today website wants insiders to have a photo that shows the upcoming OnePlus smartphone. We see in the picture the back of the smartphone. This one ornaments the OnePlus logo. Much more interesting is, however, what is above this one. So the OnePlus 5 apparently has a dual camera. The two lenses are similar to the Mate 9 on top of each other and not arranged like the iPhone 7 Plus side by side.

Smartphones with dual camera

OnePlus 5: 3T successor shows up on first photo with dual camera

For the operation of the dual camera, IndiaToday can not provide any more detailed information. It may be used to make portrait photos like the iPhone 7 Plus, but it may be similar to the Honor 8 for better photos in low light conditions.

A fingerprint scanner is not visible on the back of the OnePlus 5. Unlike Samsung and Huawei, OnePlus does not change its position with its new top smartphone but leaves the scanner probably on the front.

Another detail is also striking: The OnePlus 5 no longer has antenna strips. It is unclear whether OnePlus has shifted it into the frame, they are simply not visible because of the dark cover or whether the manufacturer instead of on a metal cover on another material for the back. The “Sandstone Black” -complete of the OnePlus 2 is a comeback.

India Today, however, points out that the model shown is still a prototype and the design is not yet final. Minor changes are therefore still possible. The OnePlus 5 will be released in June.

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