Official features of new LG G6 Plus Specifications

We took some months with the LG G6 in the market. It is one of the best devices of the current high range, and has details that make it unique. A couple of days ago we told you how to get it for less than 400 euros, one of the most outstanding offers of the year. Although it will not get as much support as the Galaxy S8, it is a great phone that we can get for a fairly affordable price on the deals that are coming out. It seems that Samsung is not the only one who wants two versions of its high range, since LG has just officially introduced its new LG G6 Plus specifications, a slightly vitaminized version that unfortunately does not bring improvements to the screen or processor.

LG G6 Plus Specifications

When we saw in the MWC LG G6 seemed a great device, and even if he came alone, he did not need more versions to be able to succeed. Its 5.7 inch screen along with its reduced bezels make its size almost perfect, being a great alternative to other devices.

It is well known that some companies limit some features of their devices to different markets. Sony, for example, deactivates the fingerprint sensor of some models in the US, and LG does something similar to its new flagship. Although the LG G6 has a 32-bit DAC and wireless charging, there are many markets, such as Spanish, that do not see such features.

Official features of new LG G6 Plus Specifications

These two specifications along with new colors are the new features of the LG G6 Plus. The company has released a version that has activated all the details that are missing the LG G6 in some markets. We do not see much sense to this, although some will have for the company.

In summary, the new LG G6 Plus is the same device, but with the functions of audio DAC and wireless charging activated in all markets. In addition, we see how new colors have a new shade of black, an electric blue and a golden color quite cool. We still do not know the price or availability of this device, but will not be a big change compared to the original LG G6. Of course, if you were thinking about buying the terminal, this new model may be a better option.

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