Nubia Z17 specs: edge display and 8 GB RAM: More powerful Galaxy S8?

A pinch of Samsung, a bit Huawei subdued and finished is the Nubia Z17 specs. This is at least apparently the recipe that ZTE uses for its new smartphone. Because the product web page went online too early, numerous details about the high-end smartphone with Snapdragon 835, 8 GB RAM and dual camera have reached daylight.

A month ago, ZTE introduced the Nubia Z17 mini. The smartphone in the iPhone optics advanced to the cash desk and was sold out in minutes. This may sound wrong, but the Nubia Z17 mini leaves behind big footsteps for the still unveiled Nubia Z17. The curtain has not yet fallen, but ZTE has unintentionally already had a look behind the scenes: The product website went online briefly and showed design as well as some specifications.

Nubia Z17 specs: Samsung and Huawei as Blaupause

First, a few words about the design: Unlike the Mini version, the regular Z17 has an edge display ├íla Samsung. The intended association with the optical all-adjustment feature of the Galaxy flagships is obvious since an effective benefit hardly brings this design decision. Also, front, housing, and fingerprint sensor remind of Huawei. ZTE also uses a dual camera, although it is positioned vertically, unlike the Huawei P10. This makes the Nubia Z17 not look bad, but it just barely emerges from the mass – nasty tongues would speak of the optical unity slime.

Nubia Z17 specs: edge display and 8 GB RAM: More powerful Galaxy S8?

However, of course, the internal values count, so look at it: According to the product website, the Nubia Z17 will come in two versions on the market. Thus, a version with 6 GB of RAM and one with 8 GB of RAM. Both models can access 128 GB. The available colors are also gray (as shown), blue and gold.

Nubia Z17: Bottom line more powerful than the Galaxy S8

Although not seen on the website, but unveiled by previous Leaks is the Snapdragon 835, which is supposed to be on board according to benchmark entry. So it would be pure of the performance data more potent than the Galaxy S8, which has the same chip, but less RAM. Other speculations are a 5.5-inch display and a 23-MP camera. In addition, the Nubia Z17 will be delivered with Android 7.1 nougat. When this is the case, it is still unclear.

Whether the overall package with the current flagship of Samsung will be able to compete, despite all specifications and optical leanings is more than questionable. The Nubia Z11 (video above), which is available in Germany, is not a bad smartphone, however, and it was almost at the end of the page, so wait and see how well the Nubia Z17 specs will be developed.

Source: GSMArena


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