Now it is winding: Galaxy S9 should look as hot

Samsung fans watched! If the sight of the Galaxy S8 already has the water in the mouth together, needs the launch of the Galaxy S9 definitely a bit. According to South Korean media, Samsung plans the S8 successor also the last frame around the screen disappears.

In the Galaxy S8, Samsung has increased the ratio of screen to housing from 76.1 to nearly 84 percent. But the South Korean manufacturer apparently does not yet. The Galaxy S9 is said to offer a screen-to-body ratio of almost 98 percent, according to the US technology blog Android Authority, citing South Korean media.

Now it is winding: Galaxy S9 should look as hot

This is a new version of the Edge display introduced with the Galaxy Note 4. Instead of one or two sides, all four display edges on the Galaxy S9 should be bent. Samsung is already working with high pressure on a corresponding screen but still has to overcome technical problems – for example in the lamination process, in which, among other things, the touch unit is connected to the screen. Therefore, the new screen is not yet expected in the autumn Galaxy Note 8 expected.

If Samsung succeeds in resolving the problems, the Galaxy S9 would even surpass the Xiaomi Mi mix in terms of the screen-to-body ratio. Here, Xiaomi has already eliminated the upper frame of the display by using a new ultrasonic technique that replaces the proximity sensor.

Source: BGR

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