Now you can download OnePlus 5 wallpapers

Nowadays the wallpapers are an essential resource for our day to day life with a smartphone. The monotony of wallpaper for a long time has become history. Now we love to look for new high-quality backgrounds for our smartphone. Whether they are Stars Wars wallpapers, black and white, but especially the latest smartphones presented. That’s why, and today we bring you the newly released OnePlus 5 wallpapers.

When we download wallpapers from a smartphone that has been presented or there is little left to present, we make sure that, in addition to having an impressive quality, it contains a unique style and the essence of the smartphone in particular. In this way, the wallpapers that we bring you today will be the ones that will bring the OnePlus 5. If you want these wallpapers on your smartphone, wait no more!

OnePlus 5 wallpapers leave design material behind

Now you can download OnePlus 5 wallpapers

That is, in the funds that are already available from OnePlus 5 we have seen how the design of these has changed a lot. In the wallpapers of the OnePlus 3T that we showed you already saw as the material design began to disappear, but still, there were some with holes of this design. Instead, in this new smartphone, OnePlus has thrown away this design and continues with its abstract designs.

Specifically, as we can see, we continue with funds designed by brush, with a myriad of colors, which combine perfectly. In this way, to download them, as always we will have a link to a folder on Google Drive where we will have all the images in the highest quality and without any compression.

Now you can download OnePlus 5 wallpapers

Finally, and within a few weeks of the presentation of the OnePlus 5, their wallpapers have enchanted us. If all your leaks are true, this could be one of the smartphones of the year. We leave you with download link of your wallpapers just below.

Source: Droidvendor


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