Nokia cell phone gain 'unused' use in Indian women's hands

Do you know that Nokia cell phone with the monochrome screen that you are possibly storing in some drawer of your house just catching dust?

Apparently, in India they found a somewhat ‘unusual’ use for such devices.

In a recent survey conducted by the website Agents of Ishq in the country, something surprising was revealed: some Indian women are using old cell phones as vibrators.

Nokia cell phone gain 'unused' use in Indian women's hands

The curious study revealed that the vibration components used in models such as the original Nokia 3310, make laptops an interesting love toy for the female audience.

Of course, such use will never be made public in TV commercials or advertising campaigns; to tell you the truth, Nokia cell phone preferred to remain silent about the results of this research.

But pleasure-seeking, according to the Homemade Love Toys website, is not restricted to Nokia models; several brands are used as long as they have the vibrating alert alarm function.

Nokia cell phone gain 'unused' use in Indian women's hands

The page even got to publish a mini-tutorial with tips on how to ‘play’ with the devices, for example, putting several alarms in sequence until reaching the climax.

Best of all is that at least using an old device that no longer has functionality (or almost), will not leave the main smartphones (daily drivers) with a ‘different’ smell, right?

Source: CNET


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