Niubility B14 Review: Powerful and Compact Electric Bike

I tested another compact city electric bike called the Niubility B14.

This company has met on my way for the first time, but let’s see how attractive it is and what products it produces. In general, in this review, you will learn about the main features of the new e-bike, as well as its pros and cons.

In terms of cost, the Niubility B14 is currently priced at $ 630 with coupon code: BGgizNiubi. If you compare the price with the competition, the FIIDO D4s and FIIDO D2 will cost you $ 700.


But let’s take a look at the technical features of an electric bike. The first thing that sets it apart from the competition is its performance. For example, the Niubility B14 uses a 400W electric motor, a large 15Ah battery capacity, and a compact size.

Therefore, I propose to start my full and in-depth review of the appearance and its main features.

Niubility B14: Specifications

Niubility B14:Specs
Motor rated power:400W
Wheel size:14inch
Maximum speed:25km/h
Battery:15Ah Li-ion battery
Rated voltage:48V 1A DC
Product weight:21.5 kg
Product size (L x W x H):122 x 49 x 108 cm (unfolded), 71 x 37 x 64 cm (folded)

Design, build quality and materials

If you live in a big metropolis, in which it is difficult to move in a private car in traffic jams and you get very tired. Then there is a way out and this compact e-bike will be a good solution.

Niubility B14 Review: Powerful and Compact Electric Bike

One of the main features of the Niubility B14 is its size. They were 122 x 49 x 108 cm when unfolded and 71 x 37 x 64 cm when folded. It’s very compact, so finding a small bike nook in your apartment shouldn’t be that hard.

But another problem for any electric bike is its weight. In the case of the B14 model, it was 21.5 kg. Despite its small size, the weight of the bike is quite large. What is the reason for this? And everything is simple, a rather large battery capacity of 15 Ah is installed onboard the vehicle. But I will tell you about its features a little later.

Niubility B14 Review: Powerful and Compact Electric Bike

As for a small bike, the new Niubility also features small 14-inch wheels. Again, you might think that the small wheels will make it uncomfortable to ride. But no, as a small shock absorber was installed on the steering wheel, which smoothes out the shock from the uneven road. Apart from this, you can see another additional shock absorber on the frame under the seat.

Niubility B14 Review: Powerful and Compact Electric Bike

If we talk about the build quality, then I have no strong complaints. All components are assembled accurately and even when moving on the pavement, I did not find any extraneous sounds. But I did not like one thing – these are welded joints. On Niubility B14 they are not very neat. They immediately catch your eye and spoil the appearance of the bike itself.

Niubility B14 Review: Powerful and Compact Electric Bike

The frame is made of metal alloy and, despite its small size, the maximum passenger weight should not exceed 120 kg. At the same time, my weight is 75 kg and I could still carry a child in the rear trunk up to 30 kg. I did not find any problems while moving.

The manufacturer offers two color options – white and black. I have black on my test, but if you are a girl, then white will also look pretty.

Niubility B14 Review: Powerful and Compact Electric Bike

Disc brakes are used on both wheels. And as my practice has shown, the bike slows down very quickly. For example, at maximum speed, the braking distance was about 5.5 meters.

The wheel electric motor itself is mounted on the rear axle, but in addition to electric traction, you have the ability to pedal. If you want to keep fit or if the battery is running low. But the Niubility B14 uses only one speed.

Niubility B14 Review: Powerful and Compact Electric Bike

Getting around in the dark won’t be a problem for the new Niubility B14 electric bike. The front has a fairly bright LED light and there is also a reflective red reflector and a red LED light on the rear fender.

The manufacturer guarantees light protection against water under the IP54 standard. That is, you can move on a bicycle during a light rain. But I do not recommend getting it wet.

Niubility B14 Review: Powerful and Compact Electric Bike

Now I will briefly tell you what I liked about the design. The first is a small handle on the frame itself, for which it is convenient to carry the bike. Also, I once saw wings that will protect you from dirt. And another bonus is the leg that keeps the bike upright.

Ok, right now I think we can talk about the main features and performance of the new e-bike.

Performance and driving emotions

Niubility B14 is not just a small and nimble bike, but also one of the fastest thanks to its high power electric motor. In the case of our hero, the power of the electric motor was 400W.

Niubility B14 Review: Powerful and Compact Electric Bike

In comparison, conventional e-bikes are rated at 250 watts. So the B14 is pretty powerful, but what is that power for? Let’s figure it out.

Another feature of the new Niubility e-bike is the battery capacity of 15 Ah. Again, this is also more than its main competitors. Typically, electric bicycles get 10 Ah battery capacity, but not 15 Ah. The time to fully charge such a battery will be about 8 hours. That is, the bike will be fully charged overnight.

Niubility B14 Review: Powerful and Compact Electric Bike

Due to this fact, the electric range is almost twice as long as that of its competitors. Let’s say Niubility B14 is able to drive purely on electric traction up to 80 km. This is a serious indicator, but it should be borne in mind that the value may differ since there are no ideal operating conditions.

Naturally, if you pedal sometimes, the cruising range can grow up to 100 km. And this is really a good indicator of a small and compact electric bike.

Niubility B14 Review: Powerful and Compact Electric Bike

On the steering wheel, you’ll find components such as a monochrome screen, key slot, power on/off toggle switch, and a red button to start the electric motor.

The small screen displays fairly standard information like most competitors. Here you can see the travel speed, distance, battery level, and operating mode.

Niubility B14 Review: Powerful and Compact Electric Bike

Niubility B14 bike has three modes – first, second, and third gears. Naturally, in the first gear the maximum speed will be 15 km/h, in the second – 20 km/h and in the last – 25 km/h.

I was a little surprised that the top speed is only 25 km/h. But then I realized that the manufacturer had set a restriction, as moving faster would be unsafe and illegal for most countries.

Niubility B14 Review: Powerful and Compact Electric Bike

I have ridden this bike for about 3 days and I can say that the emotions from the acceleration are very positive. For example, I could easily climb even a big 25-degree climb where conventional bicycles were losing power.

As for a small electric bike, the new Niubility B14 is very nimble and fast. In a large traffic flow, it will penetrate even in the narrowest places and you will reach your home or office very first during heavy traffic jams.

Conclusion, reviews, pros, and cons

Niubility B14 is not only a modern and beautiful e-bike but also got good performance.

Niubility B14 Review: Powerful and Compact Electric Bike

For example, on the positive side, I can attribute it to a small and compact size. In addition, the bike is foldable and will take up little space in your home, and easily fit into the trunk of a car.

Another positive point is the high power of the electric motor and battery capacity. Therefore, when moving, Niubility B14 will definitely give you a lot of emotions.

Niubility B14 Review: Powerful and Compact Electric Bike

The disadvantage I can point out is that this is not the best quality welded joint and the battery on the bike is not removable.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Now you can order and purchase Niubility B14 at a bargain price – only $629.99 with a 13% discount and use coupon code: BGgizNiubi.

I also want to point out the big sale on 11.11, which has already begun and will last for less than a day. Therefore, I advise you to hurry up so as not to miss out on a good offer at a really hot price.


Competitor and Alternative

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