Next Futures Samsung display can be extended

The upcoming DisplayWoche could set a new milestone in flexible displays. According to Samsung, the next new futures Samsung display intends among other things to present a stretchable panel, which can be deformed and stretched like a textile in every conceivable way.

The flexible displays, which Samsung and LG have already been able to present, are impressive. Depending on the model, the panels can be rolled, folded or bent on one side, without interrupting the image display. A new prototype of Samsung is to override this again: the stretchable AMOLED panel can be judged without limitation, so folded, for example, on both sides.

The display can be understood to be a textile-like, which adapts to every impulse from the outside and can be stretched. At Samsung, the “Dynamic Stretchable AMOLED Display” is to be used, for example, in wearables, car displays or other devices connected to the Internet of Things or artificial intelligence – ie, almost all technological areas that are currently on the market and whose keywords are inflationary Mention. Still, the technology is difficult to implement, so it will probably take a while before Samsung introduces a commercial product with a stretchable display.

Samsung: More high-tech displays for VR in work

Next Futures Samsung display can be extended

In addition, futures Samsung display will present a glass-free 3D OLED panel at the show, which is supposed to represent more realistic 3D images than any LCD display on the market. Conceivable locations of the 5.09-inch diagonal measuring panel are, according to Samsung gaming, virtual reality and curiously pop-up picture books (“pop-up book”).

Also designed for VR as well as for AR (Augmented Reality) is a 1.96-inch panel with a resolution of 3.840 x 2.160 pixels. Its pixel density is at 2,250 ppi and could, for example, one eye in a VR glasses. For similar purposes, the 3.5-inch OLED panel is designed with 858 ppi and an image rate of 120 Hz.

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