New Samsung cameras could be in Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung mobile phones are increasingly leaving us with better designs, more powerful cameras, and better performance. This not only happens in the high range since the new range Galaxy A or Galaxy J are taking a very interesting way. This week the MWC is being held in China, where many important companies such as Samsung come, which leaves us with news as we are going to tell you now. In this event, we have been able to see the new cameras of new Samsung, manufactured by them and with the own software of the company.

This is good news because although in the high range the company uses Sony sensors, the thing can change from now on, which will leave us with a better optimization. With cameras, the same happens with processors, which are much more stable and easy to optimize when you create them from scratch for your company and do not make a version compatible with all smartphones on the market.

New Samsung ISOCELL cameras with different technologies

New Samsung cameras could be in Samsung Galaxy Note 8

New Samsung is one of the companies that most components sell to other manufacturers around the world. Its processors, memory chips and cameras are used by dozens of companies, even manufactures processors for Qualcomm. Well, although it already has very decent cameras, the company has just expanded its range of sensors under the brand Samsung ISOCELL.

This is a good bet, which leaves us a little confused when it comes to thinking about the high end. Although Samsung has said that they are high-quality sensors, we do not know if they are focused on the lower ranges or also new devices like the Galaxy Note 8. There are 4 new sensors with different names and technologies, so the company will have where Choose when to introduce a new device.

  • ISOCELL Bright is one of the most interesting because it is focused on being able to capture more light in low light conditions and offer more brightness in the images.
  • ISOCELL Dual, as its name implies, is the bet for the double camera, where we see a technology similar to that of Huawei with RGB and monochrome.
  • ISOCELL Fast is the range of sensors dedicated to speed, both shooting and focusing, so we will see very fast cameras with interesting modes of burst.
  • ISOCELL Slim are small sensors, with smaller pixels, which leave us with more space for other components, or that can be implemented in extremely thin smartphones.

No doubt this is one of the most interesting ranges of sensors that we can see in the market, but now it remains to see what devices come to be, and if Samsung decides to once and for all put the camera of its flagship to a sensor own.

Source: Sammobile


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