Protective coatings and popular like glass Gorilla Glass is an important component of smartphones and the last barrier to breaking the display in case of an accident.

New protector of liquid glass ProtexPax will make displays of smartphones us healthier

For example, Gorilla Glass 5 withstands release of 1.6 meters but even that sometimes is not enough to protect your device.

Some companies are already developing sapphire displays which are much more durable than Gorilla Glass glass. ProtexPax is a new alternative that brings together funding platform IndieGoGo.

 What is ProtectPax?

As the name suggests this product is a protector for the display of the smartphone that is built from liquid glass. Inside there is a thick layer of gel nanoparticles of titanium dioxide.  It fills all microscopic dents on display.

New protector of liquid glass ProtexPax will make displays of smartphones us healthier
ProtectPax offers effective protection shock and scratches. So, this technology has used extensively in the aerospace industry and aviation. Another important advantage of ProtectPax has easily and quickly applied to any smartphone on the market.
All you have to do is wiping and dry the display and place ProtectPax along it. It is necessary to wait about 10 minutes before nanoparticles stick in an optimal manner on the display to protect most smartphones from scratches, cracks and even releases of several meters.

ProtectPax account results in Mohs Hardness Scale scale, which is a higher value than the blade of a knife. The innovative protector offers protection against water, dust, and electromagnetic radiation, but also improves the sensitivity of the touchscreen.

The pack ProtectPax will sell for around € 38.

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