New OnePlus 5: Appearance iPhone 7 Plus and with 8GB of RAM

Few manufacturers know how to play with hype and social networks like OnePlus. With an advertising load clearly inferior to that of its main competitors, the Chinese manufacturer manages to glue its terminals in cover. Especially as the case of the future new OnePlus 5, when they are already on pre-release tour. Users want information and from OnePlus they know how to dose it.

The last thing that comes from the future new OnePlus 5 is a filtered picture, or maybe we should talk about a couple of them since the last two leaks almost stepped in time. A black device with anaesthetics tremendously similar to the iPhone 7 Plus and we can join some of the specifications that we think we know for weeks.

A very familiar double chamber

New OnePlus 5: Appearance iPhone 7 Plus and with 8GB of RAM

The image you see on these lines was the one leaked yesterday, during the European night. In it, we could see that the double camera of this future new OnePlus 5 aims to be a reality but we appreciate another detail. Whereas in previous leaks a vertical configuration for the double chamber had been seen, in the supposed press image a horizontal configuration was seen.

Thus, OnePlus would move away from the designs we have already seen in manufacturers like Huawei or LG and would come much closer to what Apple offers with the iPhone 7 Plus. In fact, even the placement of this double camera is coincident with the place chosen by Apple. No wonder voices are already clamoring for what appears to be an overly accurate “inspiration” of the Cupertino’s terminal.

The double camera is already secured, now only remains to confirm what use will be given

Based on previous information, the camera of this OnePlus 5 would consist of two 16-megapixel sensors that would apparently be used to simulate a digital bokeh. Similar to the portrait mode of the iPhone 7 Plus or to other terminals such as the ZTE Blade V8, the Energy Phone Pro 3 and company. I would still see the final result of these photographs with the background out of focus.

Nothing is known about the focal lengths of both lenses, in case OnePlus had opted for the optical zoom composed of two fixed lenses. The only real detail that has transpired so far is that the camera has been developed with the help of DxO Labs, the well-known photo lab developer of the DxOMark camera benchmark. We will see if the final experience lives up to the fiercest competition.

Front footprint sensor

Another detail that can be seen in the last filtered picture of this new OnePlus 5 is that it has opted for a front-end reader, located at the bottom of the device as it does not appear in the press image either. As in previous versions of the device, no one doubts the existence of an NFC chip to place the OnePlus 5 in the orbit of mobile payments.

Unfortunately, none of the filtered images shows what percentage of frames the device can have compared to the front. Although doing some zoom in the image that shows the frontal one notices some change of tone in the part superior that augur pronounced frames both above and below. We will see the sides in the first image that can be seen with the screen completely filled with some image.

With a Snapdragon 835 and an option with 8GB of RAM, the new OnePlus 5 would not be short of power

Other time-consuming data associated with this OnePlus 5 speak of a Snapdragon 835 processor, the most coveted at the moment in the high spheres, and also an option of 8GB of RAM. It is assumed that this figure responds to a higher model since it expects a basic model with 6GB of RAM. Although there will be time to check this when the terminal is official, and we will see if it will reach 128GB of internal storage.

There is little left for the presentation of this new OnePlus 5. It is expected for the next 20 of this month of June and for sure there will be more leaks and more aggressive. As we said at the beginning, OnePlus handles the information tempo very well and will continue to capture front pages on its way to officialdom.

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