New iPad could come in June: Specifications and Features

Apple renounced this year for a spring event for the next new iPad generation. Reason: It’s not finished yet. This could change soon.

At 9TO5Mac you got a picture from an authorized Apple dealer, which indicates a new case of UAG (Under Armor Gear) for an Apple iPad with a 10.5-inch display. The cover has already been introduced into the system and will be available in June. An iPad with such a display does not exist, but for months there are many rumors about an iPad with a very thin frame.
New iPad could come in June: Specifications and Features

Apple waived this year for the spring event, which many suspect that the new iPad is not yet finished and will be shown at a later date. It is now in the room that Apple will introduce the new iPad in June.

In June, the WWDC 2017 will also take place, but the development controller is not used for hardware announcements. But what does not mean that Apple could not have planned another event after the WWDC? After all, this is already on 5 June and another event after the WWDC would be possible.

New iPad in front of the new iPhone?

A good argument against this assumption: Apple will introduce the new iPhone with the thin edge only in autumn. The focus is to lie on this device and a new iPad design in advance seems unlikely. But I do not think Apple thinks this way. The iPhone 8 comes only in September / October and new Macs and an Apple Watch 3 are still synonymous.

New iPad could come in June: Specifications and Features

It would surprise me if Apple the new iPad also in this period because new iPads have been shown mostly in the first half of the year. And so far, there was only a rather meager new edition of the iPad Air.

The new iPad should not be as spectacular as the new iPhone, so I could imagine that Apple will show it in June. Maybe you wanted to show it already in March and had to cancel the event in the short term. At the moment, these are all conjectures, but we will follow the events.

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