New features of Nokia 9 specs appear again at GeekBench

Just a few days ago we discovered the features of the Nokia 9 specs, the next Nokia high end that will certainly step up from the 3.5 and 6 that were presented at the Mobile World Congress a few months ago. One of the aspects that surprised us was its high RAM, which reached 8 GB and that new information seems to have at our disposal a smaller amount of this.

As often happens, this information has come from results of GeekBench, certainly a reliable source for these cases and where we often find out the final characteristics of the devices. Without further delay, we will delve into the Nokia 9.

The Nokia 9 specs could have different amounts of RAM

New features of Nokia 9 specs appear again at GeekBench

As we have been mentioning above, it seems that results in GeekBench have revealed that Nokia is testing a device with the Snapdragon 835 chipset and 4GB of RAM, said terminal would be a new variant of Nokia 9 with a lower amount of RAM compared to Which was announced a few days ago on the same website. This smaller amount of memory could mean that the flashy 8GB would remain only for specific countries like Asia since Europe and America would arrive a less inflated version.

This is interesting since something similar happened with the Nokia 6, which originally seemed to have only a 4 GB version of RAM and then appeared another variant with less capacity. We suppose that it is also a marketing movement, in the Asian market the terminals with much memory are the normal thing, thing that in Europe we are not so accustomed to seeing nor to valuing.

New features of Nokia 9 specs appear again at GeekBench

We will see if finally these features of the Nokia 9 are the ahcen reality, would be the most normal since with 4 GB of RAM we go very well equipped to move anything inside Android. In addition, it would be a good way to reduce its price, which is expected to be around 700 euros in Europe.

Source: Nokiamob


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