This new concept OnePlus 5 closely resembles iPhone 7

We’ve been talking about the new concept OnePlus 5 months for months. We have seen several spec sheets, as well as more than one filtered image. Yesterday appeared two new photos that revealed the absence of 3.5 mm jack on the OnePlus 5. If it is good or bad news you will have to decide, but we are sure that it is a connector that will eventually disappear. Today, we can see a new concept OnePlus 5, which, much like another device on the market.

The truth is, the images that leaked yesterday, let us almost confirm the design, but as always happens in this industry, until the moment of the presentation we can not take anything for granted. Today, we see a new concept of the fashion terminal, which, leaves us with some lines that we had not seen until now.

The iPhone 7 is present in this new concept of the OnePlus 5

This new concept OnePlus 5 closely resembles iPhone 7

Since the beginning of time, OnePlus have been able to make their own designs. We can not say that at any time they have copied other companies. Not even in his first device, which, had novel lines and materials very well chosen. The design of the OnePlus 5 is an unknown, although thanks to the leaks we are giving an idea of what the company claims.

This new concept OnePlus 5 closely resembles iPhone 7

Today, it is not about talking about real images, but about a render that is surfing the net. It comes from China, and we can see clear similarities with Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. In the lines of this concept, we can see many curves, a black metal back that remembers the iPhone 7 and a double camera that also reminds us of this device.

This new concept OnePlus 5 closely resembles iPhone 7

At the bottom, we see the speakers, along with the USB Type-C jack. As in the previous filtration, we do not have the headphone jack. On the front, there are interesting things, although once again we see too much similarity with the iPhone 7. Even the button to manage the volume modes is located in the same place. It takes a few weeks to know the official design, but everything points to that it will be far from what we see today.

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